Strobilanthes bheriensis ?

Strobilanthes bheriensis (Shakya) J. R. I. Wood, Edinburgh J. Bot. 51: 218 1994. (syn: Didyplosandra bolumpattiana (Bedd.) Bremek.; Dossifluga bheriensis Shakya; Strobilanthes bolumpattianus Bedd.) ?;

India (SW-Ghats (Tamil Nadu)), Nepal as per Catalogue of Life;
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Location: Phulchoki, Lalitpur 
Date: 16 September 2019
Elevation: 2197 m.
Habit : Wild
Strobilanthes lachenensis C.B.Clarke ??

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To me looks different from images at Strobilanthes lachenensis

Might be Strobilanthes bheriensis (Shakya) J.R.I. Wood but inflorescence rather depauperate. it is often difficult to identify specimens with poorly developed inflorescence.

Pl. see more images.
It is difficult to be completely certain without a specimen but the form of growing, leaf shape and indumentum of the calyx looks right. However S... specimen has only one pair of flowers so not too easy to interpret. A well-developed inflorescence is important in identifying Strobilanthes. I attach an image of the type - there are very few collections of this species and more and better material is needed to be completely certain.
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S.bheriensis do not occur in Kathmandu valley, I guess!