Strobilanthes pavala ?

Strobilanthes pavala (Roxb.) J. R. I. Wood, comb. nov. (Basionym: Ruellia pavala Roxb., Hemigraphis pavala (Roxb.) Kurz, Ruellia latebrosa Heyne ex Roth, non Strobilanthes latebrosa Ridley, Hemigraphis latebrosa
(Heyne ex Roth) Nees, Hemigraphis latebrosa var. heyneana Bremek., Ruellia elegans Hook., syn. nov. Hemigraphis elegans (Hook.) Nees in DC., Ruellia satpoorensis Wawra, Hemigraphis latebrosa var. beddomei C. B. Clarke, Hemigraphis latebrosa var. incana Gamble, Ruellia ebracteata Dalzell, syn. nov. Hemigraphis ebracteata (Dalzell) C. B. Clarke, Hemigraphis latebrosa var. ebracteata (Dalzell) Cooke, Hemigraphis rupestris T. Anderson, Hemigraphis latebrosa var. rupestris C. B. Clarke) as per New Names and Combinations in Indian Acanthaceaeby John R. I. Wood- Novon: A Journal for Botanical Nomenclature 23(3):385-395. 2014 ?;

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Habit: Herb
Habitat ; Floodplain
Location: Sundarbans
Flowers look like Hemigraphis hirta, but the plant is not.
Heads look like Hemigraphis dura, but leaves not; supposedly not to be found in that region.
This might be Aechmanthera tomentosa Nees var. wallichii. Unlike FBI, TPL combines them all! Also check -

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As per GRIN, Aechmanthera Nees is now syn. of Strobilanthes Blume
As per The Plant List Ver. 1.1, these are the details:
Looks like Strobilanthes tomentosa (Nees) J.R.I.Wood but flowers are rather small and location (Sundabans) improbable. I would have a look at Hemigraphis latebrosa as a possibility
As I suggested the ID I had noted the distribution issue.
Aechmanthera tomentosa Nees var. wallichii had been reported from Chittagong (vide FBI and BP). The last few words in FBI go like - "The Chittagong example....... and is therefore AE. tomentosa var. Wallichii, or a new species."
On the other hand neither 'Bengal Plants' nor FBI informs that H. latebrosa Nees can be found in Bangladesh.
Of course ... would know it better than anybody.
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As far as I am aware Strobilanthes tomentosa always grows in the hills, thus the only locality it is certainly known from in Bangladesh is Chittagong. The alluvial plains of Bangladesh are not good Strobilanthes country but finding Hemigraphis latebrosa would not be unexpected even if there is no old record. I suppose Hemigraphis hirta is another possibility but it is not usually so robust.
I thank you all. It has saved me from searching 150+ Strobilanthes described in FBI.
Hemigraphis latebrosa was recorded from Chittagong and Sylhet District
Thank you ... I think I am wasting time flipping through the pages of outdated lit.