Ruellia inundata (Cultivated) ?

Images by Prashant Awale (Inserted by J.M.Garg)

Sharing few photographs of a Ruellia sp.  
Bot. name: Ruellia inundata
Family: Acanthaceae
Date/Time: 15-01-2012 / 09:30AM
Location: Mumbai
Habitat: was seen growing wild near the street, could be garden escape..
Plan Habit: Herb, approx 80 to 90 cm in height.
All your pictures are named as Ruellia tuberosa, while you are stating them as Ruellia inundata, pl. clarify.
It is not Ruellia tuberosa, ... is correct
Yes ..., Good observation.... By mistake i named these pics as R. tuberosa, later they were identified as R. inundata. Thanks ...
Some feedback from another thread:
"The following link will give you KEY to R. inundata
This click gives field guide.
This page gives some info, the ventricose part of the flower looks more elongated (you may check Dave's also), one simple way to ascertain the id from some other in the clade is to check for obovoid fruit, which I fail to see here.