Rhinacanthus species ?- Suttagati, Karnataka

Images by Dinesh Valke & Prashant Awale (Inserted by J.M.Garg)


ID please
This herb found prostrate, growing among dry scrub vegetation on a gentle-sloped hillock, perhaps a climber. Could not locate leaves. The flower about 15 mm across.
at Sutagatti, Karnataka on April 22, 2011 

The flower reminds me of Rhinacanthus nasutus.
Kindly check for it.
I have seen in MNP.
I too have similar thoughts ...; but during this trip I was with ...- and he does not think this plant to be Rhinacanthus nasutus. Hopefully we get some other thoughts; let us wait. Thank you very much.
The inflorescence is not monochasial as apparently appears in the first pic which may lead to thinking of some novel species. A close look in the highest resolution of the other two pictures reveals the inflo may be a panicle or a thyrse.
Pseuderanthemum species can have same flower form http://www.cvh.org.cn/db/data_photos/data_index.php?id=1&page=316&orderr=SPPING_LATIN2. In fact FoC thinks Pseuderanthemum polyanthum (C. B. Clarke ex Oliver) can be misidentified with Rhinacanthus calcaratus (Wall.)Nees. At least two more Pseuderanthemum distributed in India can have flowers with similar form.
But, here the upper leaves are seemingly sessile and pubescent and significantly smaller than those Pseuderanthemum above.
Rhinacanthus communis Nees of FBI (can't help...) is cultivated as well as wild in Deccan peninsula. In spite of Shrikant Ji's view please check what is the habit of wild form. Because it has several synonyms in FBI, one of which is Justicia scandens Vahl and also other. One African species have upper leaves sessile.
Leaf size, whatever little can be found in your pics, and calyx lobes suggest it can be Rhinacanthus.
Thanks ... I have no idea about this plant - my initial thought was it could be Rhinacanthus nasutus. Not sure anymore.
I am/was also so much hesitant, ...
The inflorescence is very special and there are so many Justicia, Rostellularia etc.

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Came across this prostrate herb/ climber on a small hillock near Sutagatti, Karnataka (on the way to Belgaum).  
Flowers looked similar to that of Rhinacanthus nasutus.
Thanks ... for putting this query. I have posted the same in DVMAR116/127.
This looks same as one of ... recent thread where I suggested Rhinachanthus, against ... view. If the location of ... upload and this one are different then I agree with ... view fully.
Yes ... This posted plant is same as mine in DVMAR116/127.
Thanks ..., let's hope it gets identified eventually.