Peristrophe speciosa

Peristrophe speciosa Nees, Pl. Asiat. Rar. 3: 113 1832. (syn: Justicia riviniifolia Vis. (unresolved); Strepsiphus speciosus Raf. (unresolved));
Common name: Showy Foldwing
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I saw a large number of these Foldwings growing out of a hillside in the lower town. It's larger and brighter than our Chinese Foldwing (Dicliptera chinensis) found on the higher slopes. Showy Foldwing is an apt name for this bright and beautiful flower. Please correct me if I identified it wrong. Panicled Foldwing (Dicliptera paniculata) is a similar looking flower (and I may be confusing the present one with this).
Showy Foldwing (Peristrophe speciosa)–Please confirm.
Dharamshala, HP
21 December 2014
I agree with the id.
lovely flowers