Lepidagathis species- near Devrukh - Konkan Maharashtra

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please help me identify the Acanthaceae plant in attached images.
Image taken on : 13th march 2014
Place : near Devrukh - Konkan Maharashtra
Habitat: semi-evergreen forest
Habit: Erect shrub, 3feet tall
Overall plant covered with stiff hairs.
Leaves: Opposite, ovate, sessile, tip acute ending in an acute spine. Size: 2cm x 1cm
Flowers: Creamish white, axillary
Bracts: Lanceolate, terminating in an acute spine.
Sepals: covered with stiff hairs - hair tips ending in glands(?)
This looks like Lepidagathis cuspidata to me...
Looks like it to me too
I had posted the following plant on eflora and the view seems to be Lepidagathis cuspidada.
I have a strong doubt about the suggested id. Since several features are not matching.
Could you please endorse if it is otherwise.
efi page on Lepidagathis cuspidata
this looks like Lepidagathis but does not look like L. cuspidata. can be some other species.
Lepidagathis- species in India & eFI with some keys