Justicia vasculosa

Images by M Sawmliana (Id by JRI Wood) (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (For more images & complete details, click on the links) 


Perennial undershrub 0.6-1m. Stems glabrous. Leaves ovate-elliptic, 5-20 x 2-8cm, shortly acuminate, attunate at base, glabrous; petiole 1-5cm, glabrous. Inflorescence of axillary and terminal, solitary or panicled spikes, often interupted below, 2-12cm; flowers arranged in pair along rachis; peduncle 0-3cm. Bracts lanceolate, c 3mm. Calyx 5-lobed, c 4mm, pubescent, becoming scraious in fruit, lobes lanceolate, purple-tipped. Corolla yellow-brown with purple markings, c 13mm, pubescent, lower lip bent downwards, broadly elliptic, c 5mm. Anthers not exserted, lower anther cell indistinctly spurred. Capsule c 18mm, glabrous.
Fl. Jaunuary-April
Streamsides in moist, subtropical forests
(Attributions- A.J.C. GRIERSON & D.G. LONG. Flora of Bhutan. Published by RBGE and RGOB. 2001 from  Bhutan Biodiversity Portal)


MS April, 2016/10 Justicia sp. ? for ID : 13 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1)
Location : Dampui, Mizoram
Date : 03-03-2016
Habit : shrub
Habitat : Wild

I could not find any match in comparative images of species available in efi at Justicia
I need a more sharp photo of flower to confirm.
Kindly check for Justicia vagabunda Benoist, Notul. Syst. (Paris). 5: 114. 1936.
Does not seem to match with illustration of Justicia vagabunda Benoist
Same Justicia is attached herewith for rechecking
Yes, does not match. Acanthaceae members highly rely on internal and external morphology of reproductive organs. Does it come close to any other Chinese species? Do let me know. I have forwarded the two Acanthaceae to JRI Wood as he has some knowledge on Bhutan and Chinese Acanthaceae.
I am sure this is a Justicia. It might be Justicia vasculosa (Nees) T. Anderson. I will have a look at Kew on Monday next.
Dr JRI WOOD tentatively says it to be Justicia vasculosa (Nees) T. Anderson. He will further confirm it next week. It is reported from Burma (Myanmar). One image in Google is available which is not that clear. Other acanthaceae also Dr. Wood might confirm next week when he visits KEW.
Thanks, ..., It is really a good news.
It seems to match.
Yes sir, see FBI vol 4: 533. E. Himalayas and khasia mts..
It would be interesting if there is capsule in this collection.
If needed, I'll try to take its capsule though difficult.
In FBI Clarke says in spite of numerous collections, no one has preserved it's capsule/seed. Just curious to know if capsule is recorded. You can make a paper with complete illustration - a contribution for revisioners around the world 

MS April, 2016/29 JUsticia sp. for ID : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)
Location : Thorangtlang WLS
Altitude : ca.1,000 m.
Date : 12/03/2011
Habit : Undershrub
Habitat : Wild

I think it is the same as Justicia vasculosa (Nees) T. Anderson already tentatively identified by Dr JRI WOOD in another thread.