Justicia spicigera ?

Justicia spicigera ?;

Date/Time : 9th of January, 2008.
Location Place : 'Jijamata Udyan' or 'Rani Baug', Mumbai ... Altitude : ... GPS : 
Habitat : Garden ... Type : cultivated
... just guessing ... species of Tecomaria ?
If I had to guess, I might have gone for Aeschynanthus (Gesneriaceae).
I think I am wrong, sorry.... :(
Is it Tecoma capensis?
I thought Justicia tinctoria (Oerst.) D. Gibson (syn: Jacobinia tinctoria (oerst.) Hemsl.
Or could it be Ruellia sps...may be elegans??!!
I think this to be Gesneriaceae, most probably some Aeschynanthus.
Looks like Justicia spicigera to me - can't be sure though.

Jacobinia tinctoria ID 300809GS2 :  Attachments (1). 5 posts by 2 authors. 
Jacobinia tinctoria ID 300809GS2, cultivated and naturalised in Ridge forest, Delhi
Not in our database
Looks very much like Justicia spicigera:
could not find any images of Jacobinia tinctoria or Justicia tinctoria on the web.

..., you have a keen eye, keep it up
Jacobinia species are now placed in genus Justicia. Eflora of pakistan describes Justicia tinctoria. Flora of Guetemala and Ecuador describe both J. spicigera and J. tinctoria. Former has fusiform unopened corolla and
ovate leaves, latter narrowly funnelform corolla and elliptic leaves.
Ours matches with J. tinctoria. I hope you will agree.
Frankly, I don't even know what fusiform means - most of us in this group are not botanists. However, I am unable to see any significant different between the leaves and flowers in your picture, and those in the links that I had sent. Or may be this one:
Am I missing something?
Fusiform means an elongated structure broader in the middle and narrowed at two ends. I am descriptions of two species from Flora of Costa Rica.
Don't be surprised if inspite of several Floras following Justicia tinctoria, you may hear new name for it. I find some problem with this name.
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