Eranthemum capense
Acanthaceae for id 290110MK2: This herb is locally distributed more in dry regions of Satyamangalam RF, at
altitude of 450 msl.
They grow up to a meter in height.
Kindly help to identify.
Date: 20 Jan 2010 
This is not Eranthemum roseum as the bracts are different when compared here,
Please validate. 
Looking at the illustrated key of ..., with my E. pulchellum added I find E. roseum with obovate mucronate is clearly out of picture. The plant also does not seem to be E. purpurascens because bracts are much narrower,
with caudate apex.

Perhaps we may explore for some other species.
This plant, as .. pointed out, is Eranthemum capense L. of Acanthaceae family.
Key characters;
In E. capense linear (sometimes lanceolate) green bracts, long spike and viscidly gladular hairs.
In E. roseum the bracts are white with green nerves, elliptic ovate - obovate, bracts are mucronate/apiclate.
In E. purpurascens, the bracts are ovate-lanceolate long accuminate
Eranthemum capense:  Attached photos of an Eranthemum species.
Date/Time : April 3, 2011 at 8.31am IST
Location Place : near Bajpe, Mangalore
Altitude : ~146 ft (above mean sea level)

GPS : 12.966247, 74.872797 (on Google maps <>)
My plant is most probably same as .... plant posted at efi thread.
With lot of discussion recently on Eranthemum, and clarity received from ... my plant does not look like any of them: rosea / purpurascens / pulchellum.
Please help in ID.
On verbal discussion with ..., he hinted me with Eranthemum capense.
Referring The Flora of British India Vol IV ...
my posted plant seems to fit E. capense ... please validate.
Yes, this is Eranthemum capense L. of Acanthaceae family. Key characters; Liniear (sometimes lanceolate) green bracts, long spike and viscidly gladular hairs.
Sreevilliputhur 220713 TBN 1 for id : Attachments (3 + 3). 7 posts by 4 authors.
Please identify this plant details of which are as follows:
Date           : 16.04.13                                                             
Location     : Sreevilliputhur Grizzled squirrel sanctuary, Tamilnadu
Altitude      :2000 ft
Habitat        :wild moist deciduous forest
Habit           :shrub
Height         :2 to 3 ft
Leaves         :elliptic
Flowers       :delicate bluish violet
Fruits           :not seen 
Local name  :do not know
Can it be malabar borage?
Looks like some Eranthemum sp..

Supporting ...
Many thanks for the genus level id. Sending a few more photographs, average only. Please see if it can help for a species level id.
E. capense var concanensis
Many thanks for the id. Your photos for the key were wonderful.
ID please... : Attachments (1). 2 posts by 2 authors.
request the ID
Location: Kannur, Kerala
Eranthemum capense - Acanthaceae
Eranthemum capense L. var. concanense (T.And.ex Clarke) Sant.
at Bajpe on April 3, 2011 
along Gersoppa Ghat on March 16, 2013
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Spotted this Large herb/ at Uttar Kannada (en-route Gersoppa Ghat). 
Bot. name: Eranthemum capense var. concanensis
Family: Acanthaceae
Description (As given in Indian Biodiversity Portal):
Subshrubs, 1-1.5 m high; stem jointed, pubescent. Leaves opposite, 4-14 x 2-5 cm, broadly elliptic, attenuate, acuminate, entire or wavy, glabrous, dark green; lateral nerves 2-5 pairs; petioles 0.5-3 cm long. Inflorescence terminal or axillary, dense panicle of spikes; peduncles 3-9 cm long, glandular, pubescent; bracts linear-lanceolate, acuminate, 1-2 cm long, 2-4 mm wide, hirsute; bracteoles linear-lanceolate, 4-6 x ca 1 mm. Calyx-lobes 5, shortly connate, filamentous, 4-8 mm long, glandular hairy. Corolla blue; tube narrow, 2-2.5 cm long, pubescent; limb subequally 5-lobed, twisted to the left in bud, ovate, 1-1.5 cm across. Stamens 2, attached at the throat of the tube; filaments 2-5 mm long; anther-thecae oblong; 2-3 mm long; ovary oblong, 2-4 mm across; style 2-3 cm long; stigma dilated. Capsules oblong, 1.5-2.5 cm long, 4-6 mm wide; seeds 4, compressed, 2-3 mm thick, hygroscopically hairy.
Habitat: Semi-evergreen and moist deciduous forests and sacred groves
Wild Herb Id from Bangladesh_SM_1426 : 13 posts by 7 authors. Attachments (1)
Habitat: Hill slope
Location: Sangu Matamuhuri Wildlife Sanctuary 
Picture taken: February, 2019

Image is not clear. 
agree with ...
Perhaps Stachytarpheta 

Stachytarpheta jamaicensis to me

Not Stachytarpheta
their flowers are anatomically different from these pictures
Eranthemum capense 

Eranthemum strictum ?

More pictures.
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I will go with ... as per images and details at Eranthemum strictum

Sorry, I meant to say Eranthemum capense L. and not Eranthemum strictum
I think Eranthemum strictum look different as per

now we have it. agree with ... as he says Eranthemum capense L., our page