Dicliptera baphica

Andaman Is., Hainan, India, Nicobar Is., Sri Lanka, Vietnam as per POWO;

China (Hainan), peninsular India, Sri Lanka, Andamans (Little Andaman Isl.), Nicobars (North Nicobars, Central Nicobars) as per Catalogue of Life (Dicliptera manilalii Karthik. & Moorthy)

Acanthaceae fortnight ANMAR22/57 Dicliptera Montana : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (10)
Family: Acanthaceae
Date: 21st March 2015
Place: Aralam WLS, Kerala
Habit: Herb
Habitat: Evergreen forest

How to differentiate it from Peristrophe paniculata ? .........I do not see image of flowering axis. 
This thread shows very different picture for same species 
This was identified for me by ... at the time. And I did not have time to observe this species closely at the time as I was part of a butterfly survey there.
The other taxon mentioned by ...- Peristrophe montana Nees seems to be distinct from Dicliptera montana Lindau.
The former is mentioned in the following floras and the descriptions are as follows-
Flora of Palghat- Erect herbs; leaves elliptic, acuminate; flowers pale pink, in cymes, bracts 2, conspicuous, leafy, elliptic, glabrous/sparesly hairy; corolla tube twisted; filaments pubescent.
Flora of Cannanore (Kannur, the district in which this plant was clicked)- erect undershrub; leaves elliptic, acuminate; flowers pink, in axillary and terminal cymes.
I do not think I have clicked all the details of the plant, I do not have the features of the calyx and the inflorescence of the plant was still young.
Further Dicliptera montana Lindau is not found in India as per Tropicos & efi page

Looks very close to Stinking Foldwing, Dicliptera foetida Dicliptera zeylanica
Top Slip, Tamil Nadu,
Habitat - Near the river
06 Dec 2009

Most probably species of Peristrophe of Acanthaceae family. Kindly upload a picture of branch with leaves.

It is Peristrophe montana



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