Barleria tamilnadensis ?

Barleria tamilnadensis, Prabhu Kumar K. M., Sunila Devi, Binu Thomas, Satheesh George, Indira Balachandran and A. Rajendran. 2012.  ?;

Images by T. Badri Narayanan, Identified by Prabhu Kumar K M (Inserted by J.M.Garg)


Andipatti hills flora 17062012 TBN 01 FOR ID: Please identify this plant details of which are as follows:
Date : 17/06/2012                                                          
Location :Malattar dam, Andipatti hills, near Usilampatti( Coordinates: N10* 02 487; E 077* 46 234)Altitude :1050 ft
Habitat :thorny scrub Rf; wild
Habit :? under shrub
Height :20 cm
Leaves :As depicted
Flowers :White
Fruits : not seen
Local name :not known
I think this plant is Barleria cuspidata of Acanthaceae.
It is not Barleria cuspidata. In B. cuspidata leaves are Ovate-elliptic. It is linear.
It shows close similarity to my new species B. tamilnadensis (in press) except in the flower colour.
Barleria cristata is very variable!!
In Barleria cristata thorns are absent.
Ok, I agree :)
It may be Barleria acanthoides. The key in the recent revision lead me to this id.
Ref.: Revision of the Genus Barleria (Acanthaceae) in India. By Shanksr & Yadav 2010.
Its nice to know about the new find, ... Congrats! I look forward to see your published paper...
I think this plant is distributed in Sirumalai hills and Alagar Kovil hills as well.
If I may say so, this apparently unusual plant indicates that there is so much need for extensive fieldwork to unearth all the existing species.
It is different from B. acanthoides from its appearance.
The plant height of this plant is upto 40 cm, leaves linear and petiole up to 0.2 or absent.
It doesn't look like B. noctiflora either. I look forward to know its id.