Asystasia species- Elagiri hills

Plant for ID - Elagiri hills-5
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Another plant for id from Elagiri hills.
Strobilanthus ?
Some Asystasia sp.
Looks like Asystasia gangetica (L.) T. And. of Acanthaceae.
But please provide more details.
... to me it does not look like A. gangetica.
Will wait for comments.
It could be Asystasia chelonoides (Acanthaceae).
There are two varieties reported; chelonoides and quadrangularis.
Since I dont have reference with key or description I am not able to tell you which variety.
Recently ... has stated in another thread

(Is it Asystasia ? ID25062013) as
"A.chelonoides is now A.chelonoides Nees var.variabilis [Nees in DC] Almeida [comb.Nov.]. It is a separate species."
Illustration at FOC shows A.chelonoides Nees as a syn. of A. nemorum.
Dinesh ji has also raised similar issues at
In view of the above, pl. identify the posted species.