Asystasia chelonoides

Asystasia chelonoides Nees (syn: Asystasia chelonoides var. quadrangularis C. B. Cl.; Asystasia chelonoides var. variabilis (Nees) M.R.Almeida; Asystasia coromandeliana var. variabilis Nees; Ruellia filiformis Heyne ex Steud.; Ruellia quadranguiaris Heyne ex C. B. Cl.);

China (Yunnan), #India (SW-Ghats), Sri Lanka, Christmas Isl. (Austr. (I)), Myanmar [Burma] (Yangon), Vietnam as per Catalogue of Life;
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Habitat: plain land along the road side adjacent to building wall, flowering: October, habit: herb, location: comilla
Asystacia violacea.
This may be Asystasia chelonoides Nees as per the details as below:
Here sepals look different from other images at Asystasia dalzelliana

asystasia gangetica
It does not matches with images at Asystasia gangetica

Asystasia gangetica??

I guess so.

I find it more closer to images at Asystasia chelonoides Nees as per comparative images at Asystasia