Andrographis macrobotrys


Images by Muthu Karthick, N, Identified by G. Gnanasekaran (Inserted by J.M.Garg)

Acanthaceae herb for identification 300812MK01:  
Please help me to identify this slender Acanthaceae plant found near roadside in evergreen forest.
Height: 3 feet
Leaf: 10cm long
Flower: 1.5cm long
Date: 25 Aug 2012
Place: Valparai, TN
Habitat: Evergreen forest
This looks like a species of Andrographis possibly A. paniculata [Creat].
Can you check it with Andrographis atropurpurea and its allies
I too think that this could be A. atropurpurea.
It could be A.paniculata
I don't think this is Andrographis paniculata; because A.paniculata have smaller flowers.
The size of the flowers mentioned here is 1.5 cms which conforms with that of A.paniculata [approx. 2 cms] as seen in my photographs at this link

Oh yes ..., just now I noticed your plant and that it resembles much alike my picture. Thanks for the input.
This plant is Andrographis macrobotrys Nees as confirmed by ... of BSI, Southern Circle. Now merged with A.ceylanica. The plant is distributed in Western Ghats and Sri Lanka.
A. atropurpurea have clasping auricle shaped leaf-base. Yet both are evergreen species.