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Bryum argenteum

Bryum argenteum Hedw., Sp. Musc. Frond. 181 1801. (Syn: Brachymenium argenteoides Dixon; Bryum amblyolepis Cardot; Bryum apophysatum Müll. Hal.; Bryum arenae Müll. Hal.; Bryum argenteum var. argenteum  .......; Bryum argyreum Müll. Hal.; Bryum argyrotrichum Müll. Hal.; Bryum arsenei Thér.; Bryum atrosanguineum Müll. Hal.; Bryum brachyphyllum Mitt.; Bryum bulbillinum Müll. Hal.; Bryum bursiforme E.B. Bartram; Bryum candicans Taylor; Bryum candidum Müll. Hal.; Bryum capensiargenteum Müll. Hal.; Bryum capillipes Müll. Hal.; Bryum capillisetum Müll. Hal.; Bryum cinereum Thér.; Bryum compactulum Müll. Hal.; Bryum corrugatum Hampe; Bryum decolorifolium Müll. Hal.; Bryum germiniferum Müll. Hal.; Bryum griseum Dusén ex Thér.; Bryum hamipilum Müll. Hal.; Bryum lagunicola Müll. Hal.; Bryum leucophyllum Dozy & Molk.; Bryum leucurum Müll. Hal.; Bryum liebmannianum Müll. Hal.; Bryum microtheca Müll. Hal.; Bryum minutulum Schimp.; Bryum niveum Herzog; Bryum oranicum Müll. Hal.; Bryum parasemum Stirt.; Bryum pendulinum Hampe; Bryum penicillatum Hampe; Bryum perpusillum Stirt.; Bryum plagiopodium Schimp.; Bryum squamosum Thér.; Bryum stellipilum Müll. Hal.; Bryum stenopyxis Müll. Hal.; Bryum subcorrugatum Müll. Hal.; Bryum tricolor CardotMnium lanatum P. Beauv.; Plagiobryum argenteoides R.S. Williams; Zieria argentoides (R.S. Williams) Kindb.);


ANAUG14 Tiny plant for ID : 6 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2).
Is this a Bryophyta member?
Bangalore outskirts
August 2014
may be Bryum (moss)
Most probably it is the Bryum argenteum but kindly display their capsule which are the main identification character for mosses
Thank you very much.
I will try and collect the plant and take more photos soon.
Yes, it is a bryophyte (moss), most likely 'silver moss' - Bryum argenteum!