Mushrooms for ID: Pahalgam,Pahalgam-DSCN1330.JPG?part=0.1&view=1&vt=ANaJVrGo0uRHFmOti-Hn-K_02TgtpZh-EKqXKV0WHZT96aL5YsExsoZrr1WEdyq22RsmtWePXC0jA-Eu07WKXqK5AS9t46ZXt9PtyMXCr0UDt2uBgUVV_P0
Mushrooms for ID : 010212 : Pahalgam : AK-3: A third type of Mushroom, again growing close to the earlier two on the hotel's lawns at Pahalgam on the 8th of Sept,2011.
Size of this too about 2-3 inches.

May be Coprinus comatus ?

I dont think this is Coprinus comatus.... the images are insufficient to identify a mushroom ...