Mushrooms for ID : 010212 : Pahalgam : AK-2,Pahalgam-DSCN1329.JPG?part=0.1&view=1&vt=ANaJVrEiUXA1xtPSNaBso13P_xm5-5Ii4wdLMQUw5fT_oFzox1-A4C8gwCoQiDbPqb2iLu3SGORo49TJoyNnH4HOlKb8fI_Ie2_miYHeqfU_sQX8tx846rw
Mushrooms for ID : 010212 : Pahalgam : AK-2: Another type of Mushroom found on the hotel's lawns quite close to the first one, on the 8 th of Sept, 2011, Pahalgam.
Size of this too about 2 inches.

May be Lactarius sp.

I am not sure of the ID but this is not Lactarius because the mushroom seems to have fibrous cap.... which is not a character of Lactarius.