Trametes species- Muhanpokhari, Nagarkot,, Kathmandu, Nepal
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Location: Muhanpokhari, Nagarkot,, Kathmandu
Date: 03 August  2019
Elevation: 1795 m.
Habit : Wild 

Polyporaceae ?
May be !

Pl. check comparative images at the suggested family? 
it seems you have perhaps broken it off from the tree. did you? and is the first picture of the under surface? if so, a nice macro picture of the PORES will be good to look at their shape and you could put a ruler on for the pore size. thirdly if you are breaking it
please note down .... firm/soft/spongy etc And smell if any. some bracket fungi have spicy esp anise like smell. lastly a spore print would definitely help
Undersurface -Yes.
Not soft.

Pl. check comparative images at Polyporaceae 

May be some Trametes species as per comparative images herein.