Microporellus species ?- Delhi

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pls help in the id of this polypore
The polypore member can be some species of Ganoderma hope the upper surface of the basidiocarp is maroon in colour as it seems partially.
For the third one the basidiocarp it seems to be Auricularia sp? The Jeus ear fungi.
Although some times with the fungi only the specimen itself not the photographs help in identification.
no it cant be jews ear its slimy by nature and never look like this!!
Auricularia photo link

Thanks for giving some clues. But the third one is not Auricularia. It is not even Ganoderma. The fruiting bodies are thin and of the same colour as the undersurface. I am attaching photo of upper and lower surfaces.
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See the Favolus sp. also.
This seems may be Microporellus obovatus.

Your suggestion Microporellus obovatus (Syn: Polyporus obovatus) as seen from the key provided by Mushroomexpert.com is said to have zonate basidiocarp but the photos ..., I find this key character is missing !! Hence not very sure about the ID. Correct me if  am wrong