Clavulinopsis sulcata ?

Clavulinopsis sulcata Overeem (syn: Clavaria miniata Berk.; Clavaria sulcata (Overeem) R.H. Petersen; Clavulinopsis miniata Corner; Clavulinopsis miniata var. rosacea Corner; Clavulinopsis miniata var. sanguinea Corner) ?;
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Location: Khadka Gaun, Kathmandu, Nepal
Date: 10 September 2020
Elevation: 1600 m.
Habit: Wild

Could be Poisonous one..
Looks alike..... Clavulinopsis sulcata Overeem  Clavariaceae
Thank you ...! Is it listed in Nepal? Not in the book.

What are the species listed ?
C. aurantiocinnabarina, fusiformis and auranticolor !
With which species it is closest ?
mostly C.sulcata (Syn: Clavaria miniata) are found to be red or faint red in color. But I don't have idea about white color species. 
Yes,... There are white colour species of Clavaria like C. fragilis, C. fumosa.....but not sure about white sp C. sulcata.
It is not matching to Saroj Ji suggestions..
Another option is C. rosea but not sure about it...!!
Which Book are you following ...?
Could not find its reporting from Nepal....need to check checklist or recent publications 
Adhikari book !

Clavulinopsis sulcata is reported from Darjeeling and West Bengal as per Diversity and Distribution of Clavarioid Fungi in India, Three …