Coprinopsis atramentaria ?

Coprinopsis atramentaria (Bull.) Redhead, Vilgalys & Moncalvo (syn: Agaricus atramentarius Bull.; Agaricus luridus Bolton; Agaricus plicatus Pers.; Agaricus sobolifer Hoffm.; Coprinus atramentarius (Bull.) Fr.; Coprinus atramentarius var. crassivelatus Bogart; Coprinus atramentarius var. sobolifer (Fr.) Rea; Coprinus luridus Fr.; Coprinus plicatus Pers.; Coprinus sobolifer Fr.; Pselliophora atramentaria (Bull.) P. Karst.);
SK 2828 06 November 2020 - Mycophyta : 2 images- 7 mb each. 
Location: Kathmandu Valley
Date:  October 2020 
Elevation: 1500m.
Habitat  : Wild

Another Coprinoid mushroom...
Likely some Coprinellus sp.
Coprinopsis subsect-Atramentarii I guess
I could be wrong as I am unable to open the images.
Coprinopsis atramentaria (Bull.) Redhead, Vilgalys & Moncalvo looks to be correct ID.
Coprinopsis sp (Psathyrellaceae) close to C.atramentaria (Bull.) Redhead, Vilgalys & Moncalvo