Cyathus striatus ?

Cyathus striatus (Huds.) Willd., 1787 (syn: Cyathella striata (Huds.) Brot., 1804; Cyathus striatus var. striatus (Huds.) Willd., 1787; Nidularia striata (Huds.) With., 1792 ; Nidularia striata var. pusilla Berk., 1839 ; Nidularia striata var. striata (Huds.) With., 1792 ; Peziza striata Huds., 1778) ?;
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Catalogue of Life  Wikipedia  Mushroom Expert  A new species of Cyathus (Agaricaceae) from India- Kanad DAS1,*, Manoj Emanue, HEMBROM, Arvind PARIHAR, Rui Lin ZHAO- Turk J Bot (2016) 40: 97-103 (Abstract: The Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden is a well-known botanical garden. Cyathus thindii, a new species of bird’s nest fungus, was collected from this garden, and is described and illustrated in the present paper. It is distinct with its sessile basidiomata growing on a white mycelial pad, plicate exterior (partly) and interior wall of the peridium, comparatively large peridioles without tunica, and medium sized spores. Its relation with allied taxa is discussed and a provisional key to the Indian species of Cyathus is given in the present paper.)