Asterophora species- Pharping, Nepal
SK 2701 28 July 2020 - Mycophyta : 19 posts by 5 authors. 3 images- 5 to 6 mb each.
Location:  Pharping
Date: 28 June 2020
Elevation : 1695m.
Habitat: Wild

Wow arising from old fruiting bodies...
Could be of Agaricales.
Need to check and compare it 

Quite interesting one, i am not familiar with …
It looks to be parasitic agaricale growing on another mushroom, i need to ask some experts.
… can i send your images to some other experts of parasitic mushrooms group for id request on Fb or even better if you can do that...

... has posted similar sort of mushroom earlier, but I am unable to connect that now.
Asterophora sp. (Lyophyllaceae)
Possibly growing on Lactarius sp.
Identified by ...
Agree with …
Could it be.....
Close to A. parasitica... but not sure...need to check

Two listed ! Asterophora parasitica (Bull. ex Pers.) Singer and Asterophora lycoperdoides (Bull.) Ditmar and more close to Asterophora lycoperdoides (Bull.) Ditmar ??

References (Asterophora lycoperdoides):
References (Asterophora parasitica):