Hygrophoraceae member- Okharpauwa, Nepal

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Location: Okharpauwa, Nuwakot, Nepal
Date: 9 August 2016
Elevation: 1330  m.

Habit : Wild

might be a poisonous mushroom. did you do a spore print and dried a specimen so that the mycologists can really do a diagnosis?
For any mushrooms from Nepal please consult books on Mushrooms of Nepal by Dr. Mahesh Adhikari.
Something in Physalacriaceae
Remembers me of Oudemansiella species or might be Flammulina species ...
Flammulina fennae stem is brown and Oudemansiella mucida stem has ring on the stem in net images, so confused!
Hygrophoraceae I think.
Stipe and the lamellar attachment seems off for both the suggested genera.