Selaginella tenera

Selaginella tenera (Hook. & Grev.) Spring (syn: Lycopodioides tenera (Hook. & Grev.) Kuntze; Lycopodium debile Bory; Lycopodium tenerum Hook. & Grev.; Selaginella debilis (Bory) Spring; Stachygynandrum obliquum Beauv.);    

India (Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala) as per Catalogue of Life;
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Selaginella tenera (Hook. & Grev.) Spring is a wild primitive fern from Western Ghats Tamilnadu. 
Yes - the dimorphic sporophylls are just visible. But I wouldn't think of a Selaginella as primitive, really- in many ways they are much more advanced than other groups of Lycophytes as they have developed heterospory. Also the group has radiated greatly in relatively modern times.