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Pellaea boivinii

Pellaea boivinii Hook., Sp. Fil. 2: 147, t. 118 A 1858. (syn: Allosorus boivinii (Hook.) O.Kuntze; Hemionitis boivinii (Hook.) Christenh.; Pellaea adiantoides (Desv.) Prantl (ambiguous synonym); Pellaea boivinii f. bipinnata C.Chr.; Pteridella adiantoides Desv. ex Kuhn (ambiguous synonym); Pteris adiantoides Desv. (ambiguous synonym); Pteris boivinii (Hook.) T.Moore ex Bedd.);  

Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, N-Botswana, South Africa (Limpopo, Gauteng, Mpulamanga), Madagascar, Mauritius, Comoros, Sri Lanka, S-India (Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu) as per Catalogue of Life;

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Pellaea boivinii Hook wild fern from Western Ghats Tamilnadu.

But why is the specimen all folded up and not pressed properly?    Not a good example to set.....   People should take the trouble to prepare and arrange really goo, clearly visible herbarium-specimens, not folded and the lower pinnae folded in half. We can't see the frond-shape otherwise.