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Acrostichum aureum

Acrostichum aureum L., Sp. Pl. 2: 1069 1069 1753. (Syn: Acrostichum aureum var. hirsutum (Fée) T.Moore; Acrostichum aureum var. marginatum (Schkuhr) T.Moore; Acrostichum aureum var. urvillei (C.Presl) T.Moore; Acrostichum cayennense Presl; Acrostichum crassifolium Wall.; Acrostichum emarginatum Buch. ex Roxb.; Acrostichum fasciculatum (Fourn.) C. Chr.; Acrostichum formosum Presl; Acrostichum guineense Gand.; Acrostichum inaequale Willd.; Acrostichum juglandifolium Kaulf.; Acrostichum marginatum Schkuhr; Acrostichum obliquum Bl.; Acrostichum rigens Presl; Acrostichum scalpturatum Presl; Acrostichum spectabile Zoll.; Acrostichum urvillei Presl; Acrostichum wightianum Presl; Aspidium emarginatum Willd.; Asplenium arifolium Burm. fil.; Chrysodium aureum (L.) Mett.; Chrysodium cayennense Fée; Chrysodium fasciculatum Fourn.; Chrysodium hirsutum Fée; Chrysodium inaequale (Willd.) Fée; Chrysodium scalpturatum Fée; Chrysodium speciosum Fée; Chrysodium urvillei Fée; Chrysodium vulgare Fée; Gymnogramma arifolia (Burm. fil.) Kuhn; Hemionitis arifolia (Burm. fil.) Moore; Parahemionitis arifolia (Burm. fil.) Panigrahi; Polystichum dissimulans Maxon; Polystichum emarginatum (Willd.) Moore) as per Catalogue of Life;                   

ak-ro-STISH-um -- Greek: akros (terminal); stichos (a row) ... Dave's Botanary
AW-re-um -- golden ... Dave's Botanary

commonly known as: golden leather fern, mangrove fern, swamp fern • Bengali: হুদো hudo • Konkani: आंकूर aankur • Malayalam: മച്ചിൻതോൽ machchin-thol • Marathi: आंकूर aankur • Odia: ଖରଖରି kharakhari • Tamil: மின்னி minni


Terrestrial herbs of saline or marshy habitats, Rhizome erect, 8-20 x 5-15 cm, densely covered with scales; scales 3 x 2 cm, lanceolate, dark brown; leaves simple pinnate to 2 m x 20-50 cm, stipe 10-50 cm, thick, dark brown, scaly at base, pale brown, glabrous above, grooved above, rounded below; lamina 20-150 x 20-50 cm, pinnae, oblong, obtuse or emarginated, thick, leathery, young fronds copper brown, mature dark green, costa flattened above, slightly raised below; sori acrostichoid, orange turning dark brown to blackish; spores trilete, pale brown, 55 x 42 um.
Growing in marshy areas of mangroves and brackish water areas
Tropics of the world
(Attributions- K. P. Rajesh

Acrostichum: Photo: 2011-01-09
Locality: small freshwater stream, Havelock Island. Andaman Islands.
I think this is an Acrostichum fern, probably A. aureum due to the rounded leaf-tips. more info: http://www.naturia.per.sg/buloh/plants/acrostichum.htm

- Yes this is A. aureum. This species is known as Kharkhari in Orissa and found only in Bhitarkanika mangrove ecosystem (in the banks of both Brhamani and Baitarani river and also in Mahanadi delta of Paradeep coast).

Requesting to please ID this plant among the mangroves captured near Devgad, Konkan coast, Maharashtra in May 2015.
This seems to be Mangrove Fern :     
Acrostichum speciosum
probably Acrostichum species
Yes, it's Acrostichum- very common around India's coastal regions. 
Incidentally I forgot to correct the species name- its Acrostichum aureum.

Please identify this Marsh plant : 6 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1)
Can anyone please identify the fern-like marsh plant under the palm trees in the photo?
Grows like big sized fern fronds but with detached leaves. Definitely not a fern. This is a typical fresh water/ brackish marsh habitat plant seen in almost all the marshes in Kerala, especially in the Kochi / Cochin region.
Thanks in advance. Help really appreciated.
Acrostichum aureum ...A pteridophyte

Thanks for the quick reply.
You are absolutely right. Didn't think of it as a fern though.

Thanks, ... Pl. send at least 800 by 600 pixel images to see any details. In such case of long shots, you can even send the original image for proper id.

Sorry about the low resolution image. But I couldn't go near the plants because of "Wet pants syndrome" :) really grateful for the wonderful community here.

Thanks, ...  I was just asking for minimum posting size of 800 by 600 pixels. 
Please help me with Telugu name(s) of the mangrove fern - Acrostichum aureum, if any.

this fern is not found in A.P. hence no Telugu name is known 


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ak-ro-STISH-um -- Greek: akros (terminal); stichos (a row) ... Dave's Botanary
AW-re-um -- golden ... Dave's Botanary
commonly known as: golden leather fern, mangrove fern, swamp fernBengali: হুদো hudo, হুদু huduKonkani: आंकूर aankurMalayalam: മച്ചിൻതോൽ machchin-tholMarathi: आंकूर aankurOdia: ଖରଖରି kharakhariTamil: மின்னி minni
botanical names: Acrostichum aureum L. ... synonyms: Acrostichum guineense Gaudich. • Acrostichum inaequale Willd. • Chrysodium aureum (L.) Mett. • Chrysodium inaequale (Willd.) Fée • Chrysodium vulgare Fée ... status at GBIF 
March 5, 2011 ... Bhile, Chiplun