Leptochilus lanceolatus

Leptochilus lanceolatus Fée, Mém. Foug. 2: 87, pl. 47, f. 1 1845. (syn: Acrostichum lanceolatum (Fée) Hook. (ambiguous synonym); Acrostichum variabile var. laciniatum Hook.; Campium laciniatum (Hook.) Copel.; Campium lanceolatum (Fée) Copel.; Dendroglossa zeylanica (Fée) Copel.; Gymnopteris feei var. pinnatifida Bedd.; Gymnopteris feei var. triloba Bedd.; Gymnopteris lanceolata (Fée) Bedd. (ambiguous synonym); Gymnopteris variabilis var. lanceolata Bedd.; Leptochilus laciniatus (Hook.) Ching; Leptochilus zeylanicus Fée; Paraleptochilus decurrens var. lanceolata (Fée) R.D.Dixit); 
NE-India, SE-Bangladesh, ?Sri Lanka as per Catalogue of Life;

Paraleptochilus decurrens (Blume) Copel.

I thought all would know that Paraleptochilus is a synonym of Leptochilus as it has been published since Sledge (1957) onwards - so Leptochilus, please.  
However this is not L. decurrens (syn. variabilis), a bit narrow in both fronds (though that is variable), and more importantly too smooth with veins hardly visible. Sedge had a coarse concept when he combined L. lanceolatus within L. decurrens, which we all followed previously. But there is good evidence (incl. cytological) that lanceolatus is distinct - and is in many ways intermediate between L. decurrens and L. thwaitesianus and I have treated it so in the Annotated Checklist of Indian Pteridophytes vol. 3.  
    In my opinion this can only be either L. lanceolatus or L. thwaitesianus, not decurrens- a bit hard to say which from this photo. But from its quite large size and the veins partly visible I'd think it more likely to be L. lanceolatus than thwaitesianus.


LEPTOCHILUS LANCEOLATUS FEE A NEW RECORD FROM HOSHANGABAD, MADHYA PRADESH- J. Indian bot. Soc. Vol. 89 (3&4) 2010 : 268-269 (Abstract- Leptochilus lanceolatus Fee belonging to family Pteridaceae is first time being collected from streams of Mahadeo hills of Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh. The Description of the species and ecological notes is given in this report)