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Osmunda claytoniana subsp. vestita

Osmunda claytoniana subsp. vestita (Milde) Á. Löve & D. Löve, Taxon 26(2/3): 324 1977. (syn: Osmunda claytoniana var. vestita Milde);


Osmunda regalis from Kashmir-GSJUN09 : 8 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3).
Osmunda regalis, photographed from Khillenmarg, Kashmir, alt of about 11000 ft.
Thanks Sir for this upload, perhaps I always ignored this..
My understanding (based on R.R.Stewart) is that the abundant Osmunda in Kashmir is Osmunda claytonia 'The Interrupted Fern', not O.regalis, 'The Royal Fern' (which he only knew from a Dr Kazmi collection in Hazara.
Perhaps out group's fern expert can check and explain the present thinking?  In the mean-time I will post images I took on my last visit to Khelanmarg.
Yes this should be Osmunda claytoniana. Thanks ... for pointing out.
No, this is O. claytoniana subsp. vestita and is nothing like O. regalisO. regalis does not occur in India or anywhere near - he was thinking of O. japonica, or in South and Central India, O. hilsenbergii (syn.: O. huegeliana).
Thanks ... for this useful information.
Dr R R Stewart was keen on ferns but your knowledge far exceeds what was known at that time.
Nevertheless, his 'Annotated Catalogue of the Vascular Plants of Pakistan & Kashmir' (1972) despite being so out-of-date is the BEST and MOST RELIABLE reference for flowering plants covering Kashmir.
As Stewart himself knew all too well, as soon as such checklists/ floras are printed, they are out-of-date. And there have been numerous taxonomic and nomenclatural changes in recent decades incl. changes of family - though this should come as no great surprise since the area and flora of the Himalaya is vast with so many genera in urgent need of further study and revision.
What a pity more up-to-date (and reliable) printed publications are not available for the FLOWERING plants of NW Himalaya.
I wonder, if, as and when time permits, you would be able to take a look at the ferns photographed by Marijn in Baltistan, for your comments.  I could put a genus on one or both  but your knowledge of ferns vastly exceeds mine, so seems pointless to try, IF you are available, at your convenience,
As you will see, I have been going through the flowering plant photos and naming them, as best I can.
I have Dickore & Klimes' check-list for Ladakh (2005) which contains several ferns not known to Stewart.
I presume this is down to input from your good self?

Nice to hear from you after a long time.  Yes, Dr. Stewart's work was the only relatively modern work then, on the far west Himalaya.  I worked on it in detail, studying all the specimens cited, and he could remember a lot of the questions I had for him when I went to visit him in California when he was 102 yrs. old! I named a couple of ferns after him too, a widespread west-Himalayan Dryopteris and a rare Polystichum hybrid I found in upper Swat that Dr. R.J. Rodin collected there years before and I found again in the area later.
I revised Dr. Stewart's work and also added my own more extensive collections from all over northern Pakistan and J. & K., plus the west Indo-Himalaya.  Also re-identified and listed all the specimens of Afghanistan, Pakistan and J. & K., from the British, N. American, European and Pakistani and Indian herbaria as well as Dr. Nakaike's now in Tsukuba. I have given this information also to George Yatskievych for the Flora of Pakistan, as we plan to complete the last volume some day when time permits!
Dr. Stewart also made a checklist of Nepal ferns, which Dr. Michael Price gave me a copy of - it is not very accurate and is very incomplete, but because he cited some numbers, particularly some of those of my late friend, Dr. Bob Fleming, the names could be identified and related to modern-day species.
Yes, I did work through and identify Bernard Dickore's collections for him some years ago at Gottingen, and more since in other herbaria also the late Dr. Sheikh's from upper Kagan.  But I have not been back there in Pakistan for some decades now. I published two checklist works from the far west Himalaya, J. & K. westwards (1982 and an additions paper in 1983), also wrote a third of the accounts for Flora Iranica, which as far as I know is still likely to be published some time.
I do recommend Dr. S.P. Khullar's two volume Illustrated fern flora of the West Himalaya.  Updated revision is in my Indian Checklist part 1 with co-authors (2016), coming out in just over a week.
I'll try to find those photos you mention, though I'm not very good with websites!


The Plant List Ver.1.1  Tropicos  IPNI  Catalogue of Life (Osmundastrum claytonianum subsp. vestitum (Wall. ex Milde) comb. ined.)  Flora of China  worldfloraonline  biosciencepress