Angiopteris species

Angiopteris species;

Fern from Mt Slamet Central Java: Could you ID our green smooth fern please. No information about habit etc. Loc.: Mt Slamet south west slope, ca 2000 m alt. 
I think it is immature sori of Angiopteris evecta
Angiopteris sps., possibly A.evecta
I think A. evecta is not known from Java (nor India), but in Oceania-Pacific only. But the genus is pretty complicated in Java. A. evecta does not have such inframarginal sori - and I was going to say it is our A. helferiana, but the close-up shows very long recurrent false veins. So it appears not to be the same as any of our 3 species. One has to study the literature on Angiopteris - I wonder what Matsumoto's new book of ferns from the Pacific says, or other Japanese work on Maluku etc. by Kato et al.?