Crepidomanes schmidianum

Crepidomanes schmidianum (Zenker ex Taschner) K. Iwats. (syn: Crepidomanes titibuense (H.Ito) Nakaike; Lacosteopsis schmidiana (Zenker ex Taschner) Panigrahi & Sarn.Singh; Lacosteopsis titibuensis (H. Itô) Nakaike (ambiguous synonym); Lacosteopsis titibuensis (H. Itô) Panigrahi & Sarn.Singh (ambiguous synonym); Trichomanes cupressifolium Hayata; Trichomanes digitatum Bedd.; Trichomanes longifrons Nakai; Trichomanes pyxidiferum L.; Trichomanes pyxidiferum var. limbatum Wall. ex Bedd.; Trichomanes pyxidiferum var. schmidianum (Zenker ex Taschner) C.Chr.;  Trichomanes schmidianum Zenker ex Taschner; Trichomanes titibuense (H. Itô) C. V. Morton (ambiguous synonym); Trichomanes titibuense (H. Itô) S. K. Wu (ambiguous synonym); Vandenboschia schmidiana (Zenker ex Taschner) Copel.; Vandenboschia titibuensis H. Itô);       

China (Guangxi), Tibet, Bhutan, India (Arunachal Pradesh, Kerala, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand (Garhwal), West Bengal), Japan, Nepal, Myanmar [Burma], Philippines, Sulawesi, Sumatra as per Catalogue of Life;

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Can any one help me to identify this filmy fern (Hymenophyllaceae).

Can it be some Davalia, Rabit's Foot Fern?

Hymenophyllum sps of Hymenophyllaceace.

Thanks a lot ..., for correcting me. I think I have seen this in wild in Mussorie.

I also think Hymenophyllum sps

Looks like Trichomanes schmidianum with those trumpet-like involucres - but you didn't say what State it was from.

Thanks, ...,  I think this is from Assam. 

Er, modern Assam as in Assam State, which I'd think too low in altitude, perhaps?  Or erstwhile, historical "Assam" sens. lat. - in which case, which Indian State?  I could probably know from the locality.
Thanks, ... It is an old post from ... from current Assam state.
He generally posted from current Assam state.
But these days he is not replying- so can not say more myself, although marking a copy to him to reply.


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