Elaphoglossum commutatum ?

Elaphoglossum commutatum (Mett. ex Kuhn) Alderw., Malayan Fern Fern Allies 427 1917. (syn: Acrostichum commutatum Mett., apud Kuhn; Acrostichum laurifolium Thw. (ambiguous synonym); Elaphoglossum fuscopunctatum Christ; Elaphoglossum permutatum Alderw.; Elaphoglossum subellipticum Rosenst.) ?;

peninsular Malaysia, Sri Lanka, S-India, Sumatra, W-Java, Borneo, New Guinea, Borneo (Mt. Kinabalu, etc.), Sulawesi, Taiwan, NE-Thailand as per Catalogue of Life

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Elaphoglossum commutatum, wild epiphytic fern, Western Ghats Tamilnadu. Sores found on the whole leaf, lower side.

Sorry I wouldn't know if this is genuine E. commutatum without studying the hairs and scales. But are you sure it is E. commutatum and not E. stelligerum etc.? Elaphoglossum species in south India are quite difficult. P. Bhargavan who determined it was often very mistaken in his attempts at identifying Indian ferns so I would suggest you check and question that. 
There's no such word as "sores", you presumably meant sori or spores. But as it's an acrostichoid coenosorus covering the whole surface of the fertile frond and without indusia, it is not sori - sporangia would be the correct term in this case.