Role of eFI in Sc. publications

Role of efloraofindia in Scientific publications:
Efloraofindia is playing a pivotal role in discovery of many new species, in publication of new species, in bringing out new records, in bringing out new records/ species even before their publication, in better explaining scientific publications etc. Lot of experts are keeping an hawk eye on all the posts & publishing new species/ records etc. whenever they come across with or without our knowledge. Lot of species has already been published which initially could not be identified and were established/ published as new species with Expert help. Many new species are seen here before they are published.
Some of the aspects in this regard can be understood from the discussions in the following threads:
Only some of the links in this regard (after April'2013) are given below:
Sapria himalayana - a rare record   
identification of Euphorbia requested- Probably it is a new intrduction
Oberonia species- Amboli, Maharastra - I am thinking this could be a new species.