Singh Balkar


Publications: Dr Balkar Singh


Journals and Books


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Papers Presented in Conferences/Seminars etc.


1.       Balkar Singh and Matta N.K. 2002. HMW-glutenin subunit composition and quality score of some Indian wheat varieties in National Symposium on ‘New opportunities and challenges for improving crop productivity through Biotechnology’ held in Department of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, CCSHAU, Hisar from 13-15 February 2002.

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4.       Balkar Singh and Pran Nath. 2005. Some Herbal Remedies from Panipat District of Haryana. In XXVIII Annual conference of the Indian Botanical Society and National Symposium on Plant Science Research in India- Challenges and Opportunities, held at Botanical Survey of India, Northern Circle, Dehradoon from 24-26 October 2005.

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