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Chandra Mohan Reddy, N., 2012 -2013. 35 articles in “the Hindu” Newspaper on various titles relating to Plants, Gardens and Biodiversity since May 2012 to date (ongoing) in the “Green Matters” and “Habitat” columns.

Other Publications

1.      Chandra Mohan Reddy N. 2013. Biodiversity of Greater Hyderabad – Checklist of species. Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. Pp 62.

2.      Chandra Mohan Reddy N. and others, 2012. Trees of Hyderabad. Botanical Survey of India, pp xix, 278, ISBN : 8181770455

3.      Chandra Mohan Reddy N. & others, 2005. Birds of Hyderabad.  Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad and EPTRI. Pp 130.

4.      Chandra Mohan Reddy N, 2003. Our Trees. Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad. Pp 134.

5.      Chandra Mohan Reddy N, 199. Checklist of Birds of Andhra Pradesh. Pp 36.


1.      Kumar S.V., Chandra Mohan Reddy N. 2000 Compensatory afforestation plantations under Telugu Ganga project in Andhra Pradesh: Relative performance of different species. Indian Forester 126, 323-32.

2.      Javed, S.M., Chandra Mohan Reddy, N., Srinivasulu, C., Kodarkar, M.S., Reddy, C.S. & Farida Tampal. 2008. Restoration and enhancement of Hussain Sagar lake biodiversity. Proceedings of International lake workshop, JICA-HUDA, Hyderabad. Pp.1-16.