Rawat Dinesh Singh

List of Publications: Dinesh Singh Rawat


1.        Rawat, Dinesh Singh, J.K. Tiwari, P. Tiwari, Radha Ballabha and C.S. Rana (2013).  Plant Diversity in the Lohba Range of Kedarnath Forest Division in Garhwal Himalaya, Uttarakhand, India, Annals of Plant Sciences,02(08): 302-320.

http://annalsofplantsciences.com/index.php/aps/issue/view/15 [Accessed 10 November 2014]. 

2.        Ballabha, R., Dinesh Singh, J. K. Tiwari and P. Tiwari (2013). Diversity and availability status of Ethno-Medicinal Plants in the Lohba range of Kedarnath Forest Division (KFD), Garhwal Himalaya. Global Journal of Research on Medicinal Plants & Indigen. Med., 2(4): 198-112.

http://gjrmi.com/Upload/Apr2013/Ballabha%20R%20et%20al.,%20GJRMI%202(4)_%20198-212.pdf [Accessed 10 June 2013]. 

3.        Ballabha, R., Dinesh Singh Rawat, J.K. Tiwari, P. Tiwari. and A. Gairola (2013). Wild Edible Plant Resources of the Lohba Range of Kedarnath Forest Division (KFD), Garhwal Himalaya, India. Int. Res. J. Biological Sci. International Science, 2(11): 65-73.

http://www.isca.in/IJBS/Archive/v2/i11/11.ISCA-IRJBS-2013-175.pdf [Accessed 10 August 2015]. 

4.        Gaur, R,D., P. Tiwari, J.K. Tiwari, Dinesh Singh Rawat and Radha Ballabha (2014). Bee Forage Potential of Garhwal Himalaya, India. Indian Journal of Fundamental and Applied Life Sciences, 4(1): 196-204.

http://www.cibtech.org/J-LIFE-SCIENCES/PUBLICATIONS/2014/Vol-4-No-1/JLS-030-074-DINESH-BEE-INDIA.pdf [Accessed 10 August 2015]. 

5.        Tiwari JK, P. Tiwari and Dinesh Singh Rawat (2014). New distributional record of Toricellia tiliifolia DC. (Toricelliaceae) from Chamoli Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India. Annals of Plant Sciences, 3(11): 888-890.

http://annalsofplantsciences.com/index.php/aps/article/download/150/125 [Accessed 10 August 2015]. 

6.        Tiwari, JK, P. Tiwari, Dinesh Singh Rawat, Radha Ballabha and CS Rana (2015). Alternanthera philoxeroides (Mart.) Griseb. on uphill journey in Uttarakhand, India. International Journal of Current Research, 7(3): 13177-13178

http://www.journalcra.com/sites/default/files/8022.pdf [Accessed 10 August 2015]. 

7.        Tiwari, J.K., Dinesh Singh Rawat and P. Tiwari (2015). Exacum paucisquamum (Gentianaceae): A new record for Western Himalaya, India. Rheedea, 25(1): 57-58.

http://www.iaat.org.in/images/Rheedea_downloads/Rheedea_25_1/Rheedea_25_1_57-58.pdf [Accessed 10 August 2015]. 

8.        J.K. Tiwari, P. Tiwari, Dinesh Singh Rawat and Radha Ballabha (2015). Occurrence of Sesamum mulayanum Nair in Garhwal Himalaya, Uttarakhand. Indian Journal of Plant Sciences, 4(2): 33-35.

http://www.cibtech.org/J-Plant-Sciences/PUBLICATIONS/2015/Vol-4-No-2/06-JPS-006-DINESH-OCCURRENCE.pdf [Accessed 10 August 2015].