Santhan P.


Research Publications


1.   Note on flora of Tattakkal Durgam (Dharmapuri District), Tamil Nadu. P. Santhan and K. Rajasekaran J. Economic and Taxonomic Botany17(2):468-470.1993.

2.   Mimosa invisa Mart var. inermis Adelb.- an adventive from Thirumala hills of Andhra Pradesh. P. Santhan, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. India 61(B) iii: 363-365.1991.

3.   Karyological study on Aphyllorchis montana Reichb.f (Orchidaceae). P. Santhan and K. Rajasekaran, Current science, 64 (5) : 321- 322 1993.

4.   The Pteridophyte flora of High wavy mountains. Madurai district, Tamil Nadu K. Rajasekaran and P. Santhan, Journal of Economic and Taxonomic Botany 20 (2): 351 – 354. 1996.

5.   Biodiversity of the arborescent flora of India. P. Santhan and K. Rajasekaran, Journal of Economic and Taxonomic Botany 26(2) 407-412 2002.

6.   A Review on the Phytochemistry and Pharmacology of Green tea (Camellia sinensis)  P. Santhan and D. Senthilvelan, Herbal tech Industry. 07/2007.

7.   Conference Proceeding: Variations in the agro climate of Phyllanthus amarus in different zones of Peninsular India. P. Santhan. National seminar on technological inventions for sustaining the production of commercially viable medicinal crops in India at TNAU; 09/2010

8.   Leaf structural characteristics of important medicinal plants.

     P. Santhan. Int J. Res. Ayurveda Pharm.5 (6) Nov - Dec 2014.




1.   Contributed pharmacognosy part in Book by Amit A & Murali B Titled- “Quality assessment of selected medicinal plants  – Vol- I” is published in collaboration with NMPB New Delhi(2010).

2.   Contributed pharmacognosy part in the book entitled “Phytochemical Reference Standards of Selected Indian Medicinal Plants”, Published by ICMR, NewDelhi. (Volume 2,3).2012-14

3.   A book titled “Nam valvodu inaindha nooru marangalin payangal (In Tamil) Manimegalai publications Chennai -17. 2014. pp 280. (uses of 100 trees that are merging with our daily life)




publications in social groups


1.   Senior Member (2008 onwards) in the interactive forum Agricultureinformation .com, contributed more than 250 postings, and wrote 3 blogs on medicinal plants

2.   Curator in Encyclopedia of Life maintained by Smithsonian institute, California, USA uploaded more than 100 species of flowering plants (2011 onwards)