Kuriakose Giby


Giby Kuriakose 

Assistant Professor

PG and Research Department of Botany

Sacred Heart College


Kochi- 682 013

Kerala, India  

E-mail: giby.kuriakose@shcollege.ac.in                                                         








Papers Published


1.      Sinu, P. A., Shivanna, K. R and Giby Kuriakose (2012) Frugivorous bird diversity and their post-feeding behaviour in fruiting Syzygium cumini (Myrtaceae) in fragmented forests of central Western Ghats, India. Current Science. 103 (10): 1146-1148.


2.      Sinu, P. A. Giby Kuriakose and Kruthik Chandrashekara (2011) Epiphytic orchid diversity in farmer-managed Soppinabetta forests of Western Ghats: implications for conservation. Current Science. 101 (10): 1337-1346.


3.      Sinu, P. A. Giby Kuriakose and Shivanna, K. R. (2011) Is the bumble bee (Bombus haemorrhoidalis) the only pollinator of large cardamom in the central Himalayas India? Apdologie. 42: 690-695.


4.      Jain, M. Giby Kuriakose and Rohini Balakrishnan. (2010). Evaluation of methods to estimate foliage density in the understorey of a tropical evergreen forest, Current Science.  98 (4): 508-515.


5.      Kuriakose, G., Sinu, P.A. and Shivanna, K. R.(2009) Domestication of cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) in Western Ghats, India: divergence in productive traits and a shift in major pollinators Annals of Botany, 103: 727–733.


6.      Sharma, M. V.,  Giby Kuriakose and K. R. Shivanna (2008) Reproductive strategies of Strobilanthes kunthianus, an endemic, semelparous species in southern Western Ghats, India. Botanical Journal of Linnean Society, 157, 155-163.


7.      Kunhikrishnan, E., Giby Kuriakose and Jomy Augustian (2002). Lusia macrantha, Blatt. & McCan., an addition to the Orchid Flora of Kerala from Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary Thattakkad. STARS, Journal of St. Thomas College Pala, Vol.3 No-2 9-11.


8.      Kunhikrishnan, E., Giby Kuriakose and Jomy Augustian (2002). Habenaria periarensis, Sasidharan, Rajesh & Jomy. A Report on the Extension of its Range. STARS, Journal of St. Thomas College Pala, Vol.3 No-2 .pp 18-19.


9.      Praveen, J and Giby Kuriakose, (2006) A review of the Northern distribution of near threatened Black and Orange Flycatcher Fecidula nigrorufa in the Western Ghats. Zoos’ print journal Vol. 21 No.12 pp. 2516-2517.





Giby Kuriakose & Dhanya C S (2014). “Vismruthamkunna Vrukshangal” (Trees that are being forgotten in Malayalam). Kerala Bhasha Institute (The state Institute of Languages, Kerala). ISBN- 978-81-7638-844-3



Chapter in Book 


1.        Giby Kuriakose, Ganesan, R. & Devy, M. S. (2012). Mistletoes in the Wet Forests Canopies: Friends or Foes. In Devy, M. S., Ganesh, T. & Tripathy, A. (eds). “Forest Canopies of South Asia-a glimpse”. Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE), Bengaluru. ISBN-10: 81-902338-3-1.


2.        Shivanna, K.R. Giby Kuriakose and Sinu, P. A. (2011). Spatio-temporal variation in pollinators and their efficiency: A case study in cardamoms. In Vimala Y., Trivedi, P.C. and C.M. Govil (eds). “Advances in Botany”. Indian Botanical Society Commemoration Volume. Pointer Publishers, Jaipur, India. pp. 145-161.