Kargupta Amarendra Nath


General Information

Name                      : Prof. A. N. Kargupta

Mailing Address      : P. G. Department of Botany, L.N. Mithila University, Darbhanga (Bihar).

E-mail                      : an.kargupta@gmail.com




Academic Experience (Teaching & Research)

Teaching- U.G. & P.G. classes over 38 Years at L.N. Mithila University, Darbhanga.

Research- Research Projects Operated : 02 (One Minor and One Major) funded by UGC.

               Research papers published  : 51 (National and International Journals)

               Books and monographs published   : 02

(i)         The genus Spirogyra (Zygnematales) in West Bengal, India.

J. Cramer Publisher, Stuttgart, Berlin, Germany, 1992, pp. 75, 229 figs.

(ii)        Algar flora of North Bihar (Zygnemataceae), India

Bishen Singh and Mahendra Pal Singh Publisher, Dehradun, 2004. Pp. 237 ISBN : 81 – 511 – 0330 -0.

               Books (edited) : 04

                            (i) Kargupta, A.N. and Siddiqui, E.N. (1995) : Algal Ecology : An Overview,

                             International publishers, Dehradun, India pp. 438, ISBN : 81 – 7089-206 – 6.

                            (ii) Verma, B.N., Kargupta, A.N. and Goyal, S.K. (1998) : Advances in Phycology,

                              Associated Publishing Co. Ltd., New Delhi, pp. 394, ISBN : 81 – 86580 – 32 – 8.

                            (iii) Verma, B.N., Kargupta, A.N. and Yadav, R.N. (2003) : Phycology : Nature      

                             Nurture, Kalyani Publisher, New Delhi, pp. 425, ISBN : 81 – 2720 – 0825 – 6.

                           (iv) Keshri, J.P. and Kargupta, A.N. (2005) : Glimpses of Indian Phycology (P.

                             Sarma Felicitation Volume) Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh Publisher,

                             Dehradun, pp. 384, ISBN: 81 – 211 – 033 – 9. 

                 Books (contributed)- Chapters/Papers contributed in over 5 books

                 M.Phil. Guided & degree awarded- 01

                 Ph.D. Guided & degree awarded- 04

                 Invited/Contributed Paper Presentations- in over 15 International/National    

                                    Conferences/Symposia/Seminars held in India and abroad


Name & Affiliation



  Citations of Work in Authoritative Indian/Foreign Books/Monographs


         (i)         Kargupta, A.N. (1987), Phykos 26, p. 51 cited in Krishnamurthy, V. 1998 Algae of India and neighboring countries 1 Chlorophycota in page No. 65 – 66.

        (ii)        Kargupta, A.N. and Sarma, P. (1992), Cited in Algae of India Vol. – II, Botanical Survey of India, 2012 (R.K. Gupta) pp. 77 – 90.

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Publications of Research Papers :


1)     Sarma, P. and Kargupta, A.N. (1981) : On a new variety of Stigeoclonium geraldii Islam (S. geraldii Islam var. bengalense var. nov.) from West Bengal (Abstr.) Proc. 68th Indian Sci. Congres Pt. 3:7.

2)     Sarma, P.,  Mustafa, G. and Kargupta, A.N. (1982) : New records of Spirogyra spp. from West Bengal – II (Abstr.) Proc. 69th Indian Sci. Congr. Pt. -3:12.

3)     Sarma, P. and Kargupta, A.N. (1982) : On the occurrence of Leptosiropsis Jao – A chaetophoralean alga, new to Indian flora (Abstr.) JIBS, 61:2.

4)     Sarma, P. and Kargupta, A.N. (1983) : On three species of the genus Stigeoclonium, new to Indian flora (Abstr.) Proc. Indian Sci. Congr. Pt. 3:4.

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