Jha Vidyanath


Name                                       :          Dr. VIDYANATH JHA

Date of Birth                           :          01-05-1956     

Present Position:                               Professor of Botany& Principal under L. N. Mithila University  service, presently posted as Principal of M.R.M. College, Darbhanga- 846004 (BIHAR, INDIA)




Publications Published over 50 research and review papers in different national and international journals/conference proceedings and as invited articles in books. This includes about 25 papers on Makhana (Euryale ferox Salisb.) and other aquatic plants.



List of Publications (2004 – 2014)

Bhardwaj, A., N.A. Shakil, V. Jha and R.K. Gupta. 2014 Screening of nutritional, phytochemical, antioxidant and antibacterial activity of underutilized seeds of Scirpus articulatus: the basis of Khubahi Ramdana industry. Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry. 3(4):11-20.

Sahni, C., N.A. Shakil, V. Jha and R.K. Gupta. 2014 Screening of nutritional, phytochemical, antioxidant and antibacterial activity of the roots of Borassus flabellifer (Asian Palmyra Palm). Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry. 3(4):58-68

Jha, V., A. B. Verma, R. Kumar and M. S. Jha 2014. Emergent aquaphytes as a basis for sustainable rural development in north Bihar. Ethnobotany in press.

Jha, V., A.B. Verma, R. Kumar and P. Jha 2014 Cucurbits in ethnic and economic life of Mithila (North Bihar), India. Abstract No-236 Proceedings of 101st Indian Science Congress, Jammu 2014 Abstract of Oral/Poster Presentation.  Section XIV Plant Sciences. Page 369 (full paper accepted for publication elsewhere).

Jha, V., A.B. Verma, R.Kumar and M.S. Jha. 2014 Vetiver based integrated farming-a case study of Madhubani district in Mithila region of Bihar. In :Asha Gupta and V. Saxena (eds.) Integrated Farm Management, Aavishkar Publ., Jaipur, 187-203. 

Jha, V., A.B. Verma, P.Jha, M.S. Jha and R.Kumar 2013 Wetlands in north Bihar provide a basis of its sustainable development. J.Aquatic. Biol. Fisheries 2:627-634.

Jha, V., J.K. Jha and A.K. Goel 2013  Calotropis procera based ‘Aartak Paat’ cottage industry related with ‘Chhath’ festival in North Bihar. Ethnobotany, 25: 166-168.

Jha V., A. B. Verma and A. Mishra 2013. Plants in relation to fisheries practices: a survey on biodiversity utilization in north Bihar, India. In: Asha Gupta (ed.) Biodiversity Conservation and Utilization. Pointer Publishers Jaipur, pp 155 – 160.

Jha, V., A. B. Verma and R. Kumar 2012. Some poaceous grasses in ethnic life of Mithila (north Bihar), India. Proc.            99th Indian Science Congress. Part II. Sub section IV Plant Sciences. (Ethnobotany and Human Welfare), pp128.

Jha, P., J. Jha, V. Jha, A. Kumar, I. Haque, S. Rani and A. Afshaeen 2012. Isolation and identification of antimicrobial activity of some secondary metabolites in Euryale ferox Salisb. In: C. N. Jha (ed.) Botanica Mithilantica, L. N. Mithilia University, Darbhanga, pp 19 – 21.

Kumari, A., V. K. Gupta, L. Kumar, I. S. Singh and V. Jha 2012. Morphological characteristics of Makhanagermplasm collected from the wetlands of Manipur, north-eastern India. In: C. N. Jha (ed.) Botanica Mithilantica, L. N. Mithilia University, Darbhanga, pp 122 – 124.

Jha, V., A. B. Verma and P. Jha 2012.Certain ethnic practices for control of diabetes – a reference to aquatic plants. In abstract volume published on the occasion of Indo -U.S. symposium on industry – academia interaction in diabetes and cardio-vascular diseases (CVD) drug discovery (December 04 – 05, 2012) (abstract no. PS-2) P – 29.

Jha, V., A. B. Verma and P. Jha 2012. Aquatic biodiversity plays a role in the development of north Bihar. In: A Biju Kumar, M. P. Nayar, R. V. Verma and C. K. Peethambaram (eds.)Biodiversity: Utilization, Threats and Cultural Linkages, Narendra Publishing House, New Delhi, pp 159 - 166.

Jha, V., T. T, Singh, A. B. Verma and R. Kumar 2012.Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms - a shelterbelt for capture fishery in floodplains of north Bihar, India. Life Science Bulletin, 9 (1): 135 – 138.

Jha V., A.B.Verma, R. Kumar andM. S. Jha.Vetiver – The "Kataraghas" could emerge as multifarious tool for rural development in flood prone area of north Bihar, India. (Submitted for publication in the proceedings of the International Conference on Vetiver (ICV-5), held at CIMAP Lucknow).

Jha, V. 2012. Aquatic biodiversity as a basis for development in the flood plains of north Bihar. In: R.B.P Singh et al (eds.) Identifying Resource Complex Regions and Regional Development Strategy for Bihar. Centre for Geosheelitic Studies, Department of Geography, Patna Univ., Patna. pp 69-84.

Jha, V., A. B. Verma and R. Kumar 2011. Livelihood options in north Bihar floodplains- a case study of Sesbania rostrata Bremek & Oberm. Ethnobotany 23: 143 – 146.

Jha, V., V. K. Shrivastava and M. S. Jha 2011.Environmental degradation and  human rights – a contemporary perspective. In: Proceedings of the National Seminar on Human Rights: Prospective Challenges. BMA College, Baheri (LNMU), p9 (Advance Abstracts).

Jha, V. and M. S. Jha 2010.Women as saviours of environment- a             contemporary perspective. In: N. Roy and R. Sinha (eds.). Women and Environment. Devyani Publishers, Delhi (ISBN 978-81-9107641-7) pp 188-199.

Jha, V. 2009.Dwindling biodiversity in Indian freshwater bodies–a case study of    north Bihar. Conservation Forum            Journal 2: 20-22 (ISSN 0974-6609). (published         by Conservation Forum, Silchar).

S. S. Ahmad, V. Jha, and S. M. A. Imam 2008. Biodiversity of Dih-Ilahi wetland of Darbhanga, north Bihar. In: S. Bijoy Nandan et al (eds.) - A Compendium on Wetland Biodiversity and Conservation. (Proceedings of National Seminar on Wetland Biodiversity, Kayamkulam, India (NSWB-2008), Liminological. Association of Kerala, pp 115-124.

Jha, V. 2008.Ethnobotanical connotations in Laukikanyaya sutras. (Laukikanyayake sutron men Lokvanaspatikiketatva) (In Hindi).Ethnobotany 20: 157-162.

विद्यानाथझा, टुनटुनसिंह, ध्रुवकुमार, सत्यजीतकुमारएवंअनुपमाकुमारी 2008.मखानाएवं मखाना-सह-मछलीपालन, प्रसारपुस्तिकासंख्या२४/०९-१०/१०००, आत्मा, दरभंगा (कृषि प्रौद्योगिकीप्रबंधअभिकरण), ६४i`’BA

विद्यानाथझा, टुनटुनसिंह, ध्रुवकुमारएवंसत्यजीतकुमार 2008.मखानाएवंमखाना-सह-मछली पालन; प्रश्नोत्तरी, जलचरी 15:13-23.

Jha, V. 2007.Makhana (Euryale ferox Salisbury)- an important aquatic crop of India in: A. P. Das and A. K. Pandey (eds.) Advances in Ethnobotany, Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh, Dehradun, pp 239 – 246.

Jha, V. and J. K. Handoo 2007.Scirpusarticulatus - a subsidiary aquatic crop of Bihar flood plains. In: A. P. Das and A. K. Pandey (eds.) Advances in Ethnobotany, Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh, Dehradun pp 303 – 307.

Jha, V. and S. N. Choudhary 2007. Migratory beekeeping in north Bihar – a phytogeographical perspective Geographical Perspective 8: 90-93.

Ekf.k’kadj >k ,oa fo|kukFk >k 2013. fefFkyk esa efgyk l’kDrhdj.k% flDdh gLrdyk dk lanHkZ] vUosf"kdk 3% 133&135 ¼ISSN: 2231–0215½

Jha, V., Indigenous methods of livelihood in a flood prone region – a case study of Kusheshwarsthan area in Darbhanga. Proceedings of the International Conference on Disaster Management: Preparedness, Response and Rehabilitiation held at NGRI, Hyderabad (ICDM–2012). 08th – 20th October 2012, (In Press).

Jha, V., T. T. Singh, D. Prasad and S. B. Shashi 2006. Management strategies in Makhana – based integrated aquaculture. Fishing Chimes, 26 (3): 16 – 19.

Jha, V. 2005. Utilization of aquatic biodiversity for the development of north Bihar. In: B. Thakur et al (eds.) Urban and Rural Development in India, Vol. II, Concept Publishing Co., New Delhi, pp 514 – 541.

Jha, V. 2005. Sustainable management of biotic resources in the wetlands of north Bihar, India. In: T. V. Ramchandra, N. Ahalya and C. R. Murthy (eds.). Aquatic: Conservation, Restoration and Management, Capital Publ. Co., New Delhi, pp 270 – 277 (Proceedings of the  Lake 2002 symposium held at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore).

Sah, N. K., S. N. P. Singh, S. Sahdev, S. Banerji, V. Jha, Z. Khan and S. E. Hasnain 2005. Indian herb ‘Sanjeevani’ (Selaginellabryopteris) can promote growth and protect against heat shock and apoptotic activities of UV and oxidative stress. Journal of Biosciences 30: 499 – 505.

Jha, V. 2004. Vetiver and “sikki art” in the folk life of rural India in Mithila region, Bihar. Vetiverim 30: 2.

Jha, V. et al 2004. Botanical rosaries and non-flower garlands in folklore life in Mithila region (north Bihar). Ethnobotany 16: 27 – 32.


List of Publications (1980-2003)


v    2003-   An edited English book entitled MAKHANA (Euryale ferox Salisb.) covering information on the Biology, Distribution and Uses of Makhana has been published by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, pp. 261. This first ever reference book on this plant has helped its recognition as a potential crop. The topics covered include the cultivation practices, soil chemistry in Makhana ponds, reproductive biology of the plant, pests and their control, post harvest technology, nutritional and medicinal characteristics, crop economics etc. About three dozen articles from different parts of India and also from Japan, USA, Bangladesh and China have been incorporated in this book. The book includes six articles of my own. ( as first author and also under joint authorship)

v    2003-   Nutritional and medicinal properties of Euryale ferox Salisb. In: R.K. Mishra, V.Jha & P.V. Dehadrai (eds.) MAKHANA, DIPA, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi pp. 230-240.

v    2003-   Floral and leaf hypertrophy disease of Euryale ferox Salisb. caused by Doassansiopsis sp. In: R.K. Mishra, V.Jha & P.V. Dehadrai (eds.) MAKHANA, DIPA, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, pp. 163-168.

v    2003-   Residual organochlorine pesticides in Makhana samples collected from north Bihar. In: R.K. Mishra, V.Jha & P.V. Dehadrai (eds.) MAKHANA, DIPA, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, pp. 181-182.

v    Indigenous contrivances utilized in Makhana cultivation in north and northeastern India. In: R.K. Mishra, V.Jha & P.V. Dehadrai (eds.) MAKHANA, DIPA, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, pp. 241-248.

v    2003-   Associations of insects and gastropods on E. ferox Salisb. (Makhana) with reference to pests and their control. In: R.K. Mishra, V. Jha & P.V. Dehadrai (eds.) MAKHANA, DIPA, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, pp. 124-144.

v    2003- Storage insects and fungi attacking raw and popped seeds of E. ferox Salisb. and their control. In: R.K. Mishra, V.Jha & P.V. Dehadrai (eds.) MAKHANA, DIPA, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, pp. 145-148.

v    2003-   Certain scientific observations as depicted in Indian philosophical principles. Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge (CSIR), 2(2): 170-180.

v    2002-   Bioaccumulation of toxic metals (Cr, Cd, Pb & Cu) by seeds of Euryale ferox Salisb. (Makhan). Chemosphare 46: 267-272.

v    2002-   Indigenous colours in Mithila (north Bihar)- a historical perspective. Indian Journal of History of Science. 37(1): 37-55.

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Research Guided

1.      2014 Dr. Anubha Kumari-Studies on Morphological and Cytological Characteristics of Makhana Germplasm and its Ethnobotanical Aspects. (Awarded May-2014)

2.      2012 Dr. Rajeev Kumar-         Ethnobotanical and Ethnomedicinal Studies in the Floodplain Wetlands of North Bihar (Awarded Jan-2014).

3.      2011 Dr. Kumari Anuradha-Studies on Diversity and Bioprospecting of Aquatic Macrophytes in and around Darbhanga. (Awarded Nov-2011).  

4.      2008 Dr. Vijay Kumar Mishra-           Ecology of Flower Visiting Insects on Euryale ferox Salisbury in Madhubani District of North Bihar.(Awarded Sept-2008) (as co-guide)

5.      2006 Dr. S.N.P. Singh-Investigation on Ecological and Medicinal Properties of Selaginella. (Awarded June-2006)

6.      2006 Dr. Anand Mohan Verma- Ecological Studies of Integrated Fish Culture with Makhana (Euryale ferox. Salish) in North Bihar.  (Awarded Jan-2006)

7.       1993 Dr. Asharfi Mahto- Comparative Limnological Studies on Eutrophicated and Non-eutrophicated ponds of Makhana (Euryale ferox Salisbury) in Darbhanga.      (Awarded July-1993) (as co-guide)