Jalmi Pratibha

List of Publications:


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  2. Pratibha J., Prabhugaonkar A., Bhat D.J. and Hyde K.D. 2014. Phylogenetic placement of Bahusandhika, Cancellidium and Pseudoepicoccum (asexual Ascomycota). Phytotaxa. 176 (1): 068 – 080.

  3. Pratibha J.2013. Jayarambhatia rhizophorae gen. et sp. nov., an asexually reproducing fungus from Goa, India. Mycotaxon 125: 139-144.

  4. Pratibha J.2013. Sympodioplanus goaensis sp. nov.from Goa, India. Mycotaxon 125: 145-148.

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