Butola J. S.



List of publications of Dr. JS Butola (2003-2014)


1. Foreign Journals:


1. KUNIYAL CP, BHATT, V, BUTOLA JS, SUNDRIYAL RC (2014). Promoting nursery enterprise in high altitude villages: a participatory approach for conservation and commercialization of Himalayan threatened medicinal plants. . J. Medicinal Plant Research (Accepted) IF=0.28 NAAS Rating=6.9

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2. Indian Journals:


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29. SINGH, A, BUTOLA, JS, SAMANT SS, LAL M, SHARMA P, MARPA S (2012) Indigenous techniques of product development and economic potential of Seabuckthron: a case study of cold desert region of Himachal Pradesh, India. Proceeding of National Academy of Sciences 82 (3) 391-98. NAAS Rating=6.1 Springer

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3. Research papers as Book Chapter 


48.    Narayan Singh et al (2013). Economic and promising tree Cinnamomum tamala in Kumaon region of Central Himalaya: SWOT analysis and identified issues for sector development. In Ethnobotany and Medicinal Plants (Eds. PK Bharti et al). Ancient Publishing House, New Delhi, Chapter 6. (ISBN: 978-93-81385-97-5).

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4. Research papers in Proceedings


53.    SINGH, A, SAMANT, SS, LAL, M, SHARMA, P, BUTOLA JS, MARPA S (2011) Assessment, Mapping and Harnessing economic potential of Hippophae species for the socio-economic development of tribal communities in Himachal Pradesh, India. Proceeding (Dec. 1-3, 2011) 260-269. CSK HPAU, Palampur, HP.

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5. Books/Booklets/Monographs


55.    BUTOLA, JS (2013) Production technology of some threatened Himalayan medicinal plants. Lambert Academic Publishing. (ISBN: 978-36-59483-17-2).

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6. Popular Articles


62.    BUTOLA JS (2014). Gandrayan (Angelica glauca) ka vaigyanik vidhi dwara vyawasayik utpaadan. Pahari Kheti Bari Vol. 2 (1): 10-16.

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