Hareesh V.S.



Peer reviewed

1.   Prabhu Kumar, K.M., Hareesh, V.S., Adsul, A.A., KP Vimal, Indira Balachandran and S.R., Yadav. (2014)  A new species of Chlorophytum (Asparagaceae) from southern Western Ghats of India. Phytotaxa 188 (5): 282-286

2.   Prabhu Kumar, K.M., Hareesh, V.S., Nirmesh, T.K., Anilkumar, K.A., Sreekumar, V.B.  and Indira Balachandran. (2014) On the identity and occurrence of Gnidia glauca var. sisparensis (Thymelaeaceae) in India. Webbia: Journal of plant taxonomy and geography 61(1): 131–135.

3.   Ginu Joseph, Hareesh, V.S., Sreekumar, V.B. and Hridheek, T.K. (2013) Rediscovery of Ophiorrhiza radicans Gardn. from Penninsular India. Rheedea 23(1): 19–21.

Abstracts in symposia/seminars

1.   Sreejith, K.A. Sreekumar, V.B. Hareesh, V.S., and Nirmesh, T.K. Structure, composition and regeneration of a new population dominated by Santalum album L. (Sandalwood) from Attapadi, Palakkad district, Kerala. Proceedings of International seminar on sandal wood current trends and future prospects, Bangalore: 26-28 Feb. 2014. pp. 48.

2.   Sreekumar, V.B., Hareesh, V.S., Nirmesh, T.K. and Sreejith, K.A. Ethnobotanical Studies of Mudugars in Muthikkulam High Value Biodiversity Area with Special Reference to Trees. Proceedings of 26 th Kerala Science Congress Pookode, Wayanad: 28-31 Jan. 2014. P. 2558- 2566

3.   Sreekumar, V.B., Suganthasakthivel, R., Hareesh, V.S. and Sasi, R. An approach to landscape level conservation plan in Western Ghats – in case study from Muthikulam high value biodiversity area. Proceedings of the UGC National Seminar- Western Ghats (2013).

4.   Sreekumar, V.B. and Hareesh, V.S., Diversity, endemism and conservation of Indian palms. Proceedings of 25th Kerala Science Congress (Jan 29-Feb.1) 2013. pp. 36-38.

5.   Hareesh, V.S., Sreejith, K.A. and Sreekumar, V.B. Fruits of wild tree species in the Western Ghats: an unexplored domain for food security. First National Biodiversity Congress, December (27-30) 2012. pp.178.

6.   Chandrasekhara Pillai, P.K., Soumya, M.M.  and Hareesh, V.S. Terminalias: a major tree component of moist deciduous forests in Kerala. Proceedings of 24th Kerala Science Congress, 29-31January 2012, RRI, Kottayam, pp. 495-497.