Bhagat Rani Babanrao

Dr. Rani Babanrao Bhagat

Assistant Professor

Department of Botany

Anantrao Pawar College, Pirangut

Tal-Mulshi, Dist-Pune 412115

Maharashtra, India

Papers Published:  National                                                                                                         Total- 17

  1. Rani Bhagat and V.B. Shimpale “Corbichonia decumbens; Forssk. Jack. (Exell)-  “A new record for the state of Maharashtra”, in the proc. Publis. by  Dept. of Botany Goa University ( Janarthanam & Narsimhan) entiled “Plant Diversity, Human Welfare and Conservation” during 2002

  2. Rani Bhagat , R. B. Deshmukh & R. J. Marathe “Survey of Medicinally important weeds of Wild occurrence from Baramati Thasil of Pune District, Maharashtra State.” in Proc. Publis. by Post graduate College, Pravaranagar during 2005

  3. Rani Bhagat, V. B. Shimpale, G. G. Potdar and R. B. Deshmukh “Two new Records for Maharashtra, India” published in ‘Rheedea an International Journal from Indian Association for Angiosperm Taxonomy. Vol 17 (1 &2) 55-56, 2007 ISSN- 0971-2313

  4. D. K. Kulkarni, Rani Bhagat and V. N. Joshi “Caesalpinia crista L. Seed oil – A probable candidate for biodiesel” published in Indian Journal of Tropical Biodiversity 16(1), 93-96, 2008 ISSN  0971-4642

  5. V.B. Shimpale, Rani Bhagat and S.R. Yadav: “Extended distribution of Dipcadi saxorum (Blatt.) (Hycinthaceae)-A critically endangered plant taxa Journal of  Swamy Botanical Club 39-42 2008

  6. Ashwini Misar, Rani Bhagat and A.M. Mujumdar  “Antidiarrhoeal activity of Acacia nilotica Willd bark methanol extract” Hindustan Antibiotics Bulletin Vol. 49-50 pp.14-20 2007-2008 ISSN- 0018-1935

  7. Rani Bhagat, R. B. Deshmukh & P.Tetali “Weed Flora associated with  Agricultural Crops  in Baramati region” in Proceedings Ethnobotany Taxonomy of Angiosperms Edited by A. Chaturvedi, Nagpur 257-260, 2008

  8. Rani Bhagat, G. G. Potdar  and R. B. Deshmukh “Sporobolus spicatus (Vahl) Kunth, (Poaceae): A New record for Maharashtra State” in Proceedings Ethnobotany & Taxonomy of Angiosperms Edited by A. Chaturvedi, Nagpur 141-148, 2008

  9. Vinod B. Shimpale, Rani B. Bhagat, R. B. Deshmukh and S. R. Yadav  A New Species of   Eriocaulon (Eriocaulaceae) from Maharashtra, India Rheedea Vol.19, 47-49, 2009

  10. D. K. Kulkarni and Rani Bhagat “Occurrence of pentatomoid bug, Chrysocoris purpureus and Scutellera nobilis on endemic plant Jatropha nana Dalz. in Pune Maharshtra State, India”  Indian Journal of  Tropical Biodiversity. 16 (2) 2008

  11. Rani Bhagat and D. K. Kulkarni “Bauhinia roxburghiana Voigt. and Aphanamixis polystachya (Wall) Parkar  Potential non edible oil resources for future energy” Asian Journal of Chemistry 4 (70) 2942-2948, 2010 ISSN-09707077 (IMF-0.367)

  12. D. K. Kulkarni, Rani Bhagat & A. S. Upadhye “Wild  Bamboo diversity in Sacred  groves of  Maharashtra State” published in book entitled ‘Conservation and Management  of Bamboo resources” 2010. published by Indian Institute of Forest Productivity, Ranchi

  13. Rani Bhagat and D. K. Kulkarni In-vitro antibacterial activity, lipid content and  physico chemical analysis of non-edible oils from India” Asian Journal of Chemistry 22 (9)6884-6890, 2010 (IMF-0.367) ISSN-09707077

  14. A. S. Upadhye, Rani Bhagat and D. K. Kulkarni“ Ethnobotany of endemic and threathened plants from Western Maharashtra.” to publish in Economic and  Taxonomic Botany 34 (2) 434-439, 2010 ISSN- 2050-9768

  15. Rani Bhagat and D. K. Kulkarni “Quantification of ß-sitosterol from three Jatropha species” Asian Journal of Chemistry 22(10) 8117-8120, 2010 (IMF-0.367)

    xvi. Rani Bhagat, S. D. Ambavade, A. V. Misar and D. K. Kulkarni Anti-inflammatory activity of Jatropha   gossypifolia L. leaves in mice and rats. Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research (JSIR) 70:289-292, 2011 ISSN 0975-1084  ( IMF-0.505)     
     xvii. Rani Bhagat, Vishal Shinde and D. K. Kulkarni Insecticidal properties of three Jatropha species against stored grain pests, Indian Journal of Entomology 73 (1) 30-33, 2011 (NAAS-4) ISSN-0974-8172       

International-                                                                                                                Total -10      
  1. Rani Bhagat and D. K. Kulkarni “Jatropha nana Dalz. & Gibs. : A plant for future energy” published in The Jatropha Journal (Online) 2008

  2. Rani Bhgat and D. K. Kulkarni Phytochemical, Antioxidant and Antimicrobial analysis of endemic and endangered Jatropha nana Dalz. & Gibs. From Maharashtra Journal of Pharmacy Research 3(9) 2073-2076, 2010.(IMF-2.507)  ISSN-  0974-6943

  3. Rani Bhagat, S. P. Taware, A. M. Chavan and D. K. Kulkarni “Studies on collection and evaluation of Jatropha curcas L. germplasm from India - a case” American Journal of Oil Chemist Society (AJOCS) 1778-1779, 2010 (IMF-1.803) ISSN- 1558-9331

  4.  D. K. Kulkarni, Rani. B. Bhagat, Punalekar S. and Nipunge D.S. “Occurrence  of   Cyclopelta   siccifolia (west wood) on Holigarna  grahmii (wt.) kurz. (Anacardiaceae) from (M.S.) India”. Science Research Reporter.2(1): 81-82, 2012. ISSN-  2249 - 7846

  5.  Rani Bhagat and D. K. Kulkarni Evaluation of larvicidal and antifeedant potential of three Jatropha species against Spodoptera litura (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and two predators (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) Annals of Biological Research 3(6) 2911-2916, 2012 (IMF-1)  ISSN-  0975-508X

  6.  Rani Bhagat, A.V. Misar, S.D. Ambavade and D. K. HPTLC analysis and Anti-inflammatory activity of Jatropha gossypifolia L. root in mice and Wistar rats. International Journal of Pharmacological Research 3(1) 13-17, 2013 (International) ISSN 2277-3312 (DOI: 10.7439/IJPR

  7. V Clement Ben, D K Kulkarni  and R B Bhagat Habitat conservation of Chinkara (Gazelle gazelle) in protected areas of Maharashtra and Gujarat Bioscience Discovery 4(2)139-142, 2013 ISSN: 2229-3469

  8. Rani B. Bhagat and D.K. Kulkarni “Antifeedant and oviposition deterrent activity of three Jatropha species against stored grain pest Callosobruchus chinensis L. (Coleoptera:Bruchidae)” International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (IJMR)  Vol II Issue 7 (V) 86-91, 2012 (ISSN: 2277- 9302)

  9. Rani B. Bhagat and D.K.Kulkarni “Phytochemical evaluation and In vitro Antimicrobial Activity of Jatropha glandulifera Roxb. (Family Euphorbiaceae)” International Journal of Pharmacy and Life Sciences (IJPLS) 4(12) 3190-3192, 2013 (IMF-0.402) ISSN 0976-7126 

  10. Rani B. Bhagat, and D. K. Kulkarni  Evaluation of Phytochemical, Antibacterial and Antidiarrhoel activity of Jatropha gossypifolia L. Root Methanol Extract in Swiss Albino Mice World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research (WJPR) Vol.. 3 Issue 4 July 2014 pp 566-581 ISSN NO. 2277 – 7105 (SJIF Impact Factor 5.045)