Abdussalam A. K.


Dr. ABDUSSALAM, A. K.  M.Sc. M.Phil., Ph. D.

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Post Graduate studies and Research in Botany

Sir Syed College, Taliparamba, Kannur, Kerala, India

(Research Supervisor: Kannur and Barathiar University)



List of publications (Research Papers)

1.      Abdussalam, A.K.,  Ratheesh Chandra, Hussain-koorimannil, Jos T. Puthur and Nabeesa Salim (2014). Detoxification mechanism of heavy metal stress in Boerhavia diffusa L. Afro Asian J. Sci. Tech. 143-152.

2.       Sreeja,  P, Vimya, E, Cindoo, P. S. and Abdussalam,  A. K.  (2014) Phytomorphological and Ecological Study of the Invasive Annona Glabra J. P.P. Sci. 1: 2: 60-66.

3.      Swapna K.S., Shackira A.M., Abdussalam A.K., Nabeesa-Salim and Jos T. Puthur (2014) Accumulation Pattern of Heavy Metals in Chromolaenaodorata(L.) King & Robins. Grown in Nutrient Solution and Soil.  J. Stress Physiol. &Biochem 10 (2): 297-314.

4.      Abdussalam, A. K., Ratheesh Chandra, P.,  Hussain-koorimannil and NabeesaSalim. (2013).   Response and bioaccumulation potential of Boerhaviadiffusa L.  towards   different Heavy Metals. J. Stress Physiol. &Biochem. 9 (3): 23-36.

5.      Abdussalam, A.K.,Madhusudhanana, K., Azeez, K. and Mohammed – Aslam, M.A. (2013). Effect of cold stress on physiological and biochemical activity of squash plant (Cucurbita maxima L.) of the family Cucurbitaceae.Mille. Zool.13: 50-58.

6.      Abdussalam, A.K., Muhammed-Aslam, M.A., Jyothi, P.V., Azeez, K. and Girijan, G. (2011). Ecological impact of changing cultivation on the biodiversity of Wayanad, Kerala, India.Mille. Zool.12: 44-49.

7.      Mohammed – Aslam, M.A.,Suresh  Mohan Ghosh ,  George, T. And Abdussalam, A.K (2013).Western Ghats: The Biodiversity Hot Spot. In: (Ed). Biodiversity conservation challenges and prospects. 51-55.

8.      Mohammed – Aslam, M.A.,Abdussalam, A.K., Madhusudhanan K. and Suresh  Mohan Ghosh. (2012). Digital analysis of LISS 3 data around Mangrove habitat at lower reaches of Valapattanam river, Kerala, India.Mille. Zool.13: 42-45.

9.      Hussain-koorimannil., Abdussalam, A.K.., Ratheesh-Chandra, P. and  Nabeesa-Salim (2011) Heavy metal accumulation potential and medicinal property of Bacopamonnieri –a paradox. J. Stress. Physiol. Biochem. 7: 40-50.

10.  Mohammed-Aslam, M.A. and Abdussalam, A.K. (2011).GIS Based assessment for the need of conserving biodiversity of southwestern low-lands of India in relations to the terrain characteristics. Mille. Zool.12: 70-73.

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12.  Ratheesh-Chandra, P., Abdussalam, A.K., Nabeesa-Salim and Jos T. Puthur (2010) Distribution of Bio-accumulated Cd and Cr in two vigna species and t he associated histological variations. J.Stress. Physiol.Biochem.6: 5-12.

13.  Hussain-koorimannil., Abdussalam, A.K.., Ratheesh-Chandra, P. and  Nabeesa-Salim (2010), Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in Bacopamonnieri (L.) Pennel growing under different habitat. .  Int. J. Ecol.  Dev. 15: 67-73.

14.  Madhusudhanana K., Drishya, K., Reghuvaran, Muhammed- Asalam, M.A. and Abdussalam, A.K. (2010).Eco-environmental implications and interaction of Mycorrhiza.Mille. Zool.11: 01-05.

15.  Mohammed – Aslam, M.A., Deepa, P. and Abdussalam, A.K. (2009) Lineament tectonics of Kasaragod Block, Kerala, India; Part -1: Delineation by PCA Technique using satellite image.Eco-chron. 4: 257-260.


List of publication (Research Book)

1.    Ratheesh Narayanan,  M.K., Shaju, T.,  Sunil, N.,Abdussalam, A. K.  And Abdul Jaleel, V.  (2013). Orchids of   Wayanad. Calicut- 8:  Lead Books.