Floa of Peninsular India

IISc Launches Online Database Of Plants In Peninsular India 
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wonderful. better late than never. good show
Flora of Karnataka done by IISc with Herbarium JCB was quite useful. 
Let us see how this turns out. 
Here is the link:
Thanks for the link, … I quickly perused it.
The eastern Ghat section. i looked at an acacia. they gave one picture but i liked it that they have included a key.
then i looked at abelmoschus. a short key followed. i like it. may be a ready source for quick reference may be!!! will see. but its a good start. they don't have anything in title "Gallery" in any of the sections. slowly will evolve i hope. good luck to them and all of us
It appears in line with Flora of Karnataka. It is certainly going to be very helpful.