GBIF- A great developments for eFI

GBIF (home page) has been a great development over last few years, not only for the taxonomists but also to the laymen, in particular to eFI.
There has been issues in the past in identifications, when we do not get images of a species in discussion, on net. Even in many cases descriptions may not be available on net or the related links/ websites may not be working. Sometimes there are only wrong images and sometimes a mixture of the two, on net causing confusion.
Now GBIF has come to a great relief for all of us. It has sometimes numerous specimens to even show diversity/ variations available in a particular species. 
If I have to check many species listed in a particular area, GBIF is my first authentic choice. It gives a great sense of confidence in the identification. Due to this, we are able to identify and add many new species, along with reducing our dependence on experts in the related area/ families.  
Hope more & more of our members use it in future for authentic identifications.

Thank you for this link ..., it is going to be such a good resource.
It seems to be very useful to us.