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Valley of flowers- List of plants

Valley of flowers- List of plants;

List of plants -- Valley of Flowers:
I had prepared a list of plants one might see at Valley of Flowers. Inputs were taken from "Flowersofindia" web site.
Just arranged alphabetically and again uploaded.
SL NoBot. NameFamilyRemarks
1 Androsace studiosorum PrimulaceaePrimrose Rock Jasmine (Herb)
2 Cicerbita macrorhiza AsteraceaeViolet Dandelion
3Aconitum ferox RanunculaceaeHimalayan monkshood
4Aletris pauciflora LiliaceaeFew Flowered Colic-Root
5Allium wallichii AlliaceaeHimalaya Onion, Jimbur
6Anaphalis nepalensis AsteraceaeNepal Pearly Everlasting
7Anaphalis triplinervis AsteraceaeWoolly Pearly Everlasting
8Anemone tetrasepala RanunculaceaeFour petal Anemone
9Aster diplostephioides AsteraceaeCreeping Aster (Herb)
10Astragalus floridus FabaceaeHimalayan milk vetch, Milk vetch
11Berberis erythroclada BerberidaceaeRidged Stem Barberry
12Bupleurum candollei ApiaceaeHimalayan Thorowax, Hare's Ear,
13Campanula latifolia CampanulaceaeLarge Bellflower, Great bellflower
14Cephalanthera longifolia OrchidaceaeSword Leaved Helleborine
15Cicerbita macrantha AsteraceaeLarge Flowered Violet Dandelion
16Cirsium falconeri AsteraceaeFalconer's Thistle
17Clematis barbellata RanunculaceaeBrown Clematis
18Clematis connata RanunculaceaeHimalayan Clematis (Climber)
19Codonopsis viridis CampanulaceaeGreen Bellflower Vine, Bellflower Vine
20Corallorhiza trifida OrchidaceaeYellow Coralroot, Early coralroot
21Corydalis cashmeriana FumariaceaeKashmir Corydalis, Blue Corydalis
22Corydalis cornuta FumariaceaeHorned Corydalis
23Cotoneaster integrifolius RosaceaeEntire-leaved Cotoneaster
24Crucihimalaya himalaica BrassicaceaeHimalayan Rock-Cress
25Cuscuta europaea var. indica ConvolvulaceaeGreater Dodder (Climber)
26Cuscuta reflexa ConvolvulaceaeAmar bel
27Cyananthus incanusCampanulaceaeLow-growing Trailing Bellflower (Herb)
28Cyananthus microphyllus CampanulaceaeSmall-leaved Trailing Bellflower
29Cypripedium elegans OrchidaceaeElegant Slipper Orchid
30Dactylorhiza hatagirea OrchidaceaeHimalayan Marsh Orchid, Spotted Heart Orchid
31Dubyaea hispida AsteraceaeBristly Dubyaea
32Epilobium coloratum OnagraceaePurpleleaf Willowherb
33Epilobium latifolium OnagraceaeRiver Beauty, Dwarf Fireweed
34Epilobium laxum OnagraceaeLax Willowherb
35Epilobium wallichianum OnagraceaeWallich's Willow-Herb
36Erigeron multiradiatus AsteraceaeHimalayan fleabane
37Eritrichium canum BoraginaceaeScree Plant, Alpine Forget-me-not
38Euphorbia wallichii EuphorbiaceaeWallich Spurge
39Euphrasia officinalis ScrophulariaceaeEyebright
40Filipendula vestita RosaceaeHimalayan Meadowsweet
41Galium asperifoliumRubiaceaeRough-Leaved Clivers
42Gaultheria trichophylla EricaceaeHimalayan Snowberry,
43Geranium donianum GeraniaceaeDon's Geranium
44Hackelia uncinata BoraginaceaeHooked Stickseed, Forget Me Not
45Halenia ellipticaGentianaceaeSpurred Gentian
46Hedychium spicatum ZingiberaceaeSpiked Ginger Lily , Sandharlika
47Heracleum lallii ApiaceaeHimalayan Hogweed
48Hyoscyamus niger SolanaceaeHenbane, Stinking nightshade
49Impatiens sulcata BalsaminaceaeGigantic Himalayan BalsamSynonyms: Impatiens gigantea
50Inula grandifloraAsteraceaeShowy Inula
51Jacobaea raphanifolia AsteraceaeDiverse Leaved Senecio
52Juncus himalensis JuncaceaeHimalayan Rush
53Juncus thomsonii JuncaceaeThomson's Rush
54Lilium nanum LiliaceaeTiny Lily, Dwarf Lily
55Lilium oxypetalum LiliaceaeOxypetalum Lily
56Lindelofia anchusoides BoraginaceaeAsian Hound's Tongue
57Lloydia longiscapa LiliaceaeTall Alplily, Himalayan Alplily
58Lloydia serotina LiliaceaeSnowdon Alplily, Common alplily
59Lonicera obovata CaprifoliaceaeBlueberry Honeysuckle
60Maianthemum purpureum LiliaceaePurple Mayflower (Synonyms: Smilacina purpurea)
61Meconopsis aculeata PapaveraceaeBlue Poppy
62Meconopsis dhwojii PapaveraceaeHimalayan Yellow Poppy
63Morina longifolia DipsacaceaeWhorlflower, Himalayan Whorlflower
64Nepeta connata LamiaceaeViolet Himalayan Catmint
65Oxytropis lapponica FabaceaeBurr Locoweed
66Parnassia cabulica SaxifragaceaeKabul Bog Star, Grass of Parnassus
67Pedicularis bicornutaOrobanchaceaeHorned Lousewort, Lousewort
68Pedicularis rhinanthoidesOrobanchaceaeRattle Lousewort
69Persicaria nepalensis PolygonaceaeNepal knotweed, Nepal smartweed,
70Persicaria wallichii PolygonaceaeHimalayan knotweed,
71Phlomis bracteosa LamiaceaePurple Jerusalem Sage, Purple Lampwick
72Polemonium caeruleum subsp. himalayanum Polemoniaceae (Phlox family)Himalayan Jacob's Ladder
73Polygonatum verticillatum LiliaceaeWhorled Solomon's Seal
74Polygonum milletiiPolygonaceaeCrimson Knotweed (Herb)
75Polygonum vacciniifolium PolygonaceaeRose Carpet Knotweed
76Potentilla argyrophylla var. atrosanguinea RosaceaeHimalayan cinquefoil, Ruby cinquefoil
77Potentilla cuneata RosaceaeFive Finger Cinquefoil
78Potentilla fruticosaRosaceaeShrubby cinquefoil
79Potentilla polyphylla RosaceaeMany Leaved Cinquefoil
80Prenanthes brunoniana AsteraceaeHimalayan Rattlesnake Root (Syn: Cicerbita brunoniana,)
81Primula involucrata PrimulaceaeTall Pale Primrose
82Primula reidii PrimulaceaeReid's Primrose
83Prunella vulgaris var. vulgaris Lamiaceae Heal-all, Heart-of-the-earth
84Prunus cornuta RosaceaeHimalayan Bird Cherry (Tree)
85Rheum acuminatum PolygonaceaeOrnamental Rhubarb
86Rheum australe PolygonaceaeHimalayan rhubarb,
87Rheum spiciforme PolygonaceaeSpiked Rhubarb
88Rheum webbianum PolygonaceaeIndian Rhubarb, Gilgiti rhubarb
89Rhodiola bhutanicaCrassulaceaeBhutan Rhodiola (Herb)
90Rhodiola heterodonta CrassulaceaeToothed Rhodiola
91Rhodiola trifida CrassulaceaeTrifid Sedum
92Rhodiola wallichiana CrassulaceaeWallich's Rhodiola (Sedum family)
93Ribes himalense SaxifragaceaeHimalayan Gooseberry (Shrub)
94Rosa macrophylla RosaceaeHimalayan Rose, Big Hip Rose
95Rosa sericea RosaceaeSilky Rose (Shrub)
96Salix calyculata SalicaceaeSmall Sepal Willow
97Salvia hiansLamiaceaeHimalayan Blue Sage (Herb)
98Saussurea auriculata AsteraceaeKut, Kushtha (Sanskrit)
99Saussurea costus AsteraceaeCostus
100Saussurea fastuosa AsteraceaeProud Saw-wort
101Saussurea graminifolia AsteraceaeGrass Leaved Saw-wort, Clustered Saw-wort
102Saussurea nepalensis AsteraceaeNepal Saw-wort
103Saussurea obvallata AsteraceaeBrahma Kamal
104Saussurea piptathera AsteraceaeHimalayan Saw-wort
105Saxifraga brunonis SaxifragaceaeBrown's Saxifrage
106Saxifraga caveana SaxifragaceaeGlandular Saxifrage
107Saxifraga pallida SaxifragaceaeYellow Spotted White Saxifrage
108Saxifraga parnassifolia SaxifragaceaeHimalayan Saxifrage
109Scrophularia elatior ScrophulariaceaeHimalayan Figwort
110Sedum oreades CrassulaceaeMountain Sedum
111Selinum vaginatum ApiaceaeBhutkeshi
112Selinum wallichianum ApiaceaeMilk Parsley
113Senecio graciliflorusAsteraceaeGraceful Senecio (Herb)
114Senecio jacquemontianus AsteraceaeJacquemont's Senecio (Herb)
115Sibbaldia cuneata RosaceaeWedge Leaf Sibbaldia
116Silene vulgaris CaryophyllaceaeBladder Campion
117Sorbus microphylla RosaceaeSmall Leaf Rowan
118Sorbus wallichii RosaceaeWallich's Rowan
119Spiraea bella RosaceaePretty Spirea, Himalayan Spirea
120Stachys melissaefolia LamiaceaeBee Leaf Woundwort
121Stellaria graminea CaryophyllaceaeGrass-leaf starwort,
122Strobilanthes attenuata AcanthaceaeBlue Nettle, Nettle Leaved Strobilanthes
123Thalictrum cultratum RanunculaceaeKnife-like Meadow Rue
124Thermopsis barbata FabaceaeBlack Pea
125Trigonella emodi FabaceaeHimalayan Fenugreek
126Trillium govanianum TrilliaceaeHimalayan Trillium
127Valeriana hardwickii ValerianaceaeIndian Valerian (Herb)
128Vicia sepium FabaceaeBush Vetch, Hedge Vetch
129Viola biflora ViolaceaeYellow Wood Violet

Those visiting Valley of Flowers coming August: Here is an important link
Best wishes for all of you who are going on this trip. The link is good, but all pics shown there are not from Valley of Flowers (That Cymbidium is Ornamental). But dont worry you will get to see more than those plants if you are at the right time.
I will share link to my albums soon. I imagine why I didnt upload them on my facebook till now, but they are on orkut.

Flora of Valley of Flowers & Around: Those visiting the Valley of Flowers might find this useful
This list will be updated by and by.
VoF Week :: DV :: the plants that I met during my 2012 VoF trip:  This page is summary of all the plants that I met during my trip to Valley of Flowers. It contains thumbnails of both: identified as well as pending for ID. The thumbnails link to my collection in flickr photostream; the names put under - link to the posts in eFI. This page will serve as ready reckoner for my future use; and hopefully help others in some way.

Immense thanks to all those who provided IDs; special thanks to ... for responding with a lead or ID to every post. And to everyone for appreciation and good words.
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Wow! what a beautiful compilation ... An innovative 'site map' of your VoF trip...Great work!!!
Thanks ... for a wonderful compilation.The VOF flora is available just a click away! 
kind of display of contents were made with bits of HTML and CSS.
I believe you may try using Google Docs or Google Sites for trying out such formatted contents.

Create a doc at Google Docs, OR a page at your Google Site.
Put relevant contents in any of them.
Use the available formatting tools to make the contents close to what you are visualizing.

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Then inserting photo(s) at any place is matter of getting familiar with the available formatting tools.
Having made the doc OR page, simply copy-paste the formatted contents into the mail body, and send.
Wonderful.... It's a visual treat to the eyes... A pictorial guide to the Valley of flowers...

VOF Statistics Dr Phadke Satish: Many thanks for all the participants for the overwhelming response to the recently concluded : VOF MONTH.
Please pardon me for not responding to many threads last few days as I was busy in compiling the statistics of the species discussed.
1)I have prepared an excel sheet with family-wise distribution of the plants studied. There might be some duplication of few species due to synonyms and at the same time I have tried to exclude the planted garden species posted as far as possible which are not endemic.
2) I have more than 1200 mails carrying label VOF in my inbox(1212 to be precise at this moment)
3)Total number of species discussed comes to 470 approx.(Because there might be some duplication or non-inclusion due to personal errors)including fern and Marchantia. One species of moss posted has not been counted by me.
4)There are 88 families representing the plants posted including fern and Marchantia. The nomenclature of some families has changed so again there might be some overlap and may be interpreted differently by some. esp family Caprifoliaceae which is now subdivided into several small families.
5)The largest family by number of species discussed is Asteraceae with 54 species discussed during the episode.
6)Next largest is Family: Rosaceae with 40 sp. discussed which is followed by Polygonaceae 23. Lamiaceae 21. Orchidaceae 20. Scrophulariaceae 18. Fabaceae 17. Ranunculaceae 16. Caryophyllaceae 12 Saxifragaceae and Balsaminaceae with 9 sp.each.
7)Some surprises(to me) Betulaceae which includes the famous Betula utilis tree also has occurrence in the valley with 5 more species recorded in our database.
8)Some major families with significant occurrence elsewhere were promonently absent here. Some of them are :Bignoniaceae; Capparidaceae,Combretaceae, Sapotaceae; Sterculiaceae and Tiliaceae.
Please feel free to point any errors or important mentioning in the statistics which might have escaped my attention.
Apocynaceae Araceae Araliaceae Apiaceae
Cynachum auriculatum Arisaema tortuosum Aralia cachemirica Angelica archangelica
Arisaema jacquemontii  Angelica archangelica subsp.himalica
Arisaema costatum Bupleurum candollei
Bupleurum gracillimum
Bupleurum jucundum 
Bupleurum lanceolatum
Bupleurum longicaule
Bupleurum marginatum
Chaerophyllum acuminatum
Chaerophyllum reflexum
Heracleum candicans
Heracleum lallii
Heracleum wallichii
Sanicula europaea
Selinum filicifolium
Selinum tenuifolium
Selinum vaginatum
Selinum wallichianum
Vicatia coniifolia

Asclepiadaceae Asparagaceae Asteraceae Balsaminaceae
Cynanchum dalhousiae Polygonatum verticillatum Ainsliaea latifolia Impatiens badrinathii
Cynanchum auriculatum Anaphalis contorta Impatiens brachycentra
Cynanchum vincetoxicum Anaphalis cuneifolia Impatiens devendrae
Cryptolepis buchnani Anaphalis margaritacea  Impatiens glanduliifera
Anaphalis nubigena. Impatiens leggei
Anaphalis royleana Impatiens maculata   
Anaphalis royleana var concolor Impatiens scabrida
Anaphalis triplinervis  Impatiens sulcata
Aster albescens Impatiens thomsonii
Aster diplostephioides
Aster himalaicus
Cicerbita macrantha
Cicerbita macrorhiza
Cirsium falconeri
Cirsium falconeri
Conyza bonariensis
Conyza canadensis
Cremanthodium arnicoides
cyananthus microphyllus
Dichrocephala integrifolia
Doronicum kamaonense syn. D. roylei 
Dubyaea hispida
Erigeron alpinus
Erigeron multiradiatus
Gnaphalium affine
Helianthus annus
Helianthus annus
Inula grandiflora
Lactuca dolichophylla
Launaea procumbens
Leontopodium brachyactis
Leucanthemum vulgare
Ligularia amplexicaulis
Ligularia fischeri
Myriactis javanica
Myriactis nepalens
Myriactis wallichii
Prenanthes brunoniana
Saussurea auriculata
Saussurea fastuosa
Saussurea gossypiphora
Saussurea graminifolia
Saussurea obvallata
Saussurea piptathera
Saussurea uniiflora
Senecio chrysanthemoides
Senecio graciliflorus
Senecio jacquemontianus 
Senecio laetus syn.
Senecio raphanifolius
Solidago virgaurea
Sonchus arvensis
Synotis alata
Taraxum officinale
Berberidaceae Betulaceae Boraginaceae Brassicaceae
Berberis aristata  Alnus nepalensis Cynoglossum lanceolatum Arabidopsis himalaica
Berberis lycium (Hazelnut) Cynoglossum microglochin Arabis amplexicaulis
Podophyllum hexandrum Betula utilis Cynoglossum microglochin var. nervosum Crucihimalaya mollissima
Carpinus viminea Cynoglossum microglochin var.nervosum Erysimum hieraciifolium
Corylus colurna Cynoglossum zeylanicum
Corylus jacquemontii Hackelia uncinata
Myosotis caespitosa Myosotis caespitosa
Paracaryum glochidiatum
Cactaceae Caesalpiniaceae Campanulaceae Cannabaceae
Opuntia monacantha Caesalpinia decapetala Campanula aristata Cannabis sativa
Campanula latifolia
Campanula pallida
Codonopsis rotundifolia 
Cyananthus lobatus
Cyananthus microphyllus
Cynanthus integer
Caprifoliaceae Caryophyllaceae Celastraceae Cleomaceae
Leycesteria formosa Arenaria festucoides Euonymus fimbriatus Cleome viscosa
Lonicera obovata. Arenaria orbiculata Euonymus hamiltonianus
Morina longifolia Arenaria serphyllifolia
Viburnum cotinifolium Gypsophila cerastoides
Viburnum grandiflorum Silene caespitella
Silene cashmeriana
Silene conoidea
Silene gangotriana
Silene indica var. edgeworthii
Silene indica var. indica
Silene vulgaris
Stellaria graminea
Clusiaceae Commelinaceae Convalariaceae Convolvulaceae
Hypericum  napaulense  Commelina benghalensis Smilacina purpurea Cuscuta europaea
Hypericum choisianum Commelina maculata Cuscuta reflexa
Hypericum choisianum Ipomoea purpurea
Hypericum dyeri
Hypericum elodeoides
Hypericum oblongifolium
Cornaceae Crassulaceae Cucurbitaceae Cyperaceae
Cornus macrophylla Rhodiola heterodonta Cyclanthera pedata Carex cruenta
Rhodiola imbricata Herpetospermum pedunculosum
Rhodiola wallichiana Trichosanthes tricuspidata
Sedum ewersii 
Sedum multicaule
Sedum oreades
Sedum trifidum
Dioscoriaceae Dipsacaceae Droseraceae Elaeagnaceae
Dioscorea bulbifera dipsacus inermis Drosera peltata Hippophae salicifolia
Dioscorea deltoidea Morina longifolia
Ericaceae Euphorbiaceae Fabaceae Fagaceae
Gaultheria trichophylla Euphorbia cornigera Astragalus candolleanus Castanea sativa
Lyonia ovalifolia (Wall.) Drude  Euphorbia madennii Astragalus chlorostachys
Rhododendron campanulatum Euphorbia peplus Astragalus himalayanus
Rhododendron lepidotum Euphorbia wallichii Desmodium elegans
Excoecaria acerifolia Desmodium  concinnum
Indigofera hebepetala
Indigofera hebepetala.
Indigofera heterantha
Lotus corniculatus
Parochetus communis
Phaseolus coccineus
Piptanthus nepalensis
Rhynchosia himalensisi
Thermopsis barbata
Trifolium repens
Trigonella emodi
Trigonella gracilis
Fumariaceae Gentianaceae Geraniaceae Juglandaceae
Corydalis cashmeriana Gentianella moorcroftiana Geranium himalayens Juglans regia
Corydalis cornuta Halenia elliptica Geranium nepalense
Corydalis filiformis Jaeschkea sp Geranium pratens
Corydalis meifolia Swertia ciliata Geranium robertianum 
Corydalis moorcroftiana Geranium wallichianum
Juncaceae Lamiaceae Liliaceae Malvaceae
Juncus thomsonii Clinopodium umbrosum Aletris pauciflora var. khasiana Malva verticillata
Clinopodium vulgare Lilium oxypetalum
Colquhounia coccinea Lilium polyphyllum
Elsholtzia eriostachya Lloydia longiscapa
Isodon rugosus Ophiopogon intermedius
Lamium album Polygonatum cirrhifolium
Leonurus cardiaca
Leonurus cardiaca
Leucas lanata
Mentha royleana
Nepeta discolor
Nepeta govaniana
Nepeta laevigata
Origanum vulgare
Origanum vulgare
Phlomis bracteosa
Prunella vulgaris var. vulgaris
Salvia nubicola
Stachys melissifolia
Stachys sericea
Thymus linearis
Marchantiaceae Meliaceae Mimosaceae Menispermaceae
Marchantia polymorpha Toona ciliata  Albizia odoratissima Stephania glabra
Stephania gracilenta
Moraceae Myrsinaceae Oleaceae Onagraceae
Ficus palmata Lysimachia Jasminum officinale Circaea alpina
Syringa emodi Circaea alpina
Epilobium latifolium
Epilobium laxum
Epilobium royleanum
Oenothera rosea
Oenothera rosea
Ophioglossaceae Orchidaceae Orobanchaceae Oxalidaceae
Botrychium dusenii  Androcorys josephi Pedicularis hoffmeisteri  Oxalis corniculata
Calanthe tricarinata Pedicularis bicornuta
Cephalanthera longifolia
Cephalanthera longifolia
Cypripedium elegans
Cypripedium himalaicum
Cypripedium himalaicum
Dactylorhiza hatagirea
Epipactis helleborine
Goodyera repens
Gymnadenia orchidis
Habenaria edgeworthii
Herminium josephi
Herminium josephi
Herminium monorchis
Malaxis muscifera
Neottia tenuis
Oreorchis foliosa var. indica
Platanthera edgeworthii
Satyrium nepalense
Spiranthes australis
Papaveraceae Phyllanthaceae Phytolaccaceae Poaceae
Corydalis meifolia Leptopus cordifolius Phytolacca acinosa Dactylis glomerata
Meconopsis aculeata Phyllanthus urinaria Phleum alpinum
Setaria glauca
Polemoniaceae Polygonaceae Portulacaceae Primulaceae
Polemonium caeruleum Aconogonum rumicifolium Portulaca pilosa Androsace delavayi
Bistorta affinis Androsace mucronifolia
Fagopyrum acutatum(S) Androsace sarmentosa
Fagopyrum dibotrys Lysimachia pyramidalis 
Fallopia pterocarpa Primula macrophylla var. macrophylla 
Koenigia delicatula Primula macrophylla var. moorcroftiana 
Koenigia nepalensis(S) Primula reidii
oxyria digyna
Persicaria amplexicaulis 
Persicaria capitata
Persicaria nepalensis
Persicaria vivipara
Persicaria wallichii
Polygonum affine(S)
Polygonum delicatulum(S)
Polygonum filicaule
Polygonum polystachyum
Rheum australe
Rheum spiciforme
Rumex acetosa
Rumex dentatus
Rumex nepalensis
Rumex patientia
Ranunculaceae Rhamnaceae Rosaceae Rubiaceae
Aconitum balfourii Rhamnus triquetra Acomastylis elata var. elata Galium acutum
Anemone polyanthus Agrimonia eupatoria subsp. asiatica Galium asperifolium
Anemone rivularis Agrimonia pilosa var. nepalensis Galium blinii
Anemone tetrasepala Agrimonia pilosa var. nepalensis Galium elegans
Anemone vitifolia Aruncus dioicus ssp triternatus(S) Haldina cordifolia
Caltha palustris Aruncus sylvester Leptodermis lanceolata
Clematis connata Cassiope fastigiata Rubia manjith
Clematis montana Cotoneaster adpressus Spermacoce pusilla
Geum roylei Cotoneaster affinis
Ranunculus diffusus Cotoneaster garhwalensis G.Klotz(S)
Ranunculus laetus Cotoneaster microphyllus
Thalictrum alpinum Cotoneaster racemiflora
Thalictrum cultratum Filipendula vestita
Thalictrum elegans Fragaria nubicola
Thalictrum foliolosum Leptodermis kumaonensis
Thalictrum secumdum Leptodermis lanceolata
Potentilla anserina
Potentilla atrosanguinea
Potentilla cuneata
Potentilla cuneifolia
Potentilla fruticosa
Potentilla fulgens
Potentilla gerardiana
Potentilla microphylla
Potentilla nepalensis
Potentilla peduncularis
Pyracantha crenulata
Rosa brunonii
Rosa macrophylla
Rosa sericea
Rubus niveus
Rubus pedunculosus
Sibbaldia cuneata
Sibbaldia purpurea
Sorbaria tomentosa
Sorbus aucuparia
Sorbus aucuparia
Sorbus foliolosa
Spiraea bella
Spiraea canescens
Rutaceae Salicaceae Sapindaceae Saxifragaceae
Boenninghausenia albiflora Salix calyculata Aesculus indica Parnassia cabulica
Parnassia nubicola
Philadelphus tomentosus
Ribes himalense
Saxifraga brachypoda
Saxifraga cernua
Saxifraga melanocentra
Saxifraga parnassifolia
Saxifraga pseudopallida(Syn)
Scrophulariaceae Solanaceae Symplocaceae Taxaceae
Euphrasia platyphylla Datura stramonium Symplocos racemosa Taxus baccata
Lindernia Datura stramonium Taxus wallichiana
Lindernia nummulariifolia Hyoscyamus niger
Mazus surculosus Nicandra physaloides
Pedicularis bicornuta Physalis angulata
Pedicularis gracilis Physalis lagascae
Pedicularis hoffmeisteri Solanum tuberosum
Pedicularis hookeriana Solanum viarum
Pedicularis pectinata
Pedicularis porrecta
Pedicularis punctata
Pedicularis pyramidata
Pedicularis siphonantha
Pedicularis siphonantha
Scrophularia calycina
Scrophularia edgeworthii.
Verbascum thapsus
Veronica laxa
Thymeliaceae Urticaceae Valerianaceae Verbanaceae
Wikstroemia canescens  Girardinia diversifolia Valeriana fedtsehenkoi  Callicarpa tomentosa
Pouzolzia hirta Valeriana hardwickii
Pouzolzia hirta var.hirta Valeriana himalayana
Pouzolzia pentandra Valeriana jatamansii
Urtica dioica
Urtica parviflora
Violaceae Vitaceae  Zinziberaceae Ferns
Viola biflora Leea asiatica Hedychium spicatum Adiantum venustum
Leea aspera(S) Roscoea purpurea Adiantum capillus-veneris
Osmunda claytoniana