50th Tree Appreciation Walk on Mangrove at Bhandup Pumping Station

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We move in to our 50th Walk in this month………You  and us, together, months after months, seasons after seasons, have glided  through the green corridors of Mumbai…….like the historic & heritage Rani Bagh……..where we covered almost all the 270 species…….touched, hugged, admired such majestic & grand old trees of Kusum, Shivan, Baobab, Cajuput……. could not take off our eyes from the flowering of Amherstia nobilis, Sita ashok, Kailashpati, Sundari.

 We learned the difference between Cactus & Euphorbia in Sagar Upavan….some of us tasted for the 1st time, the flowers of Mahua……..saw the elusive & shy fruits of Chukarassy …….fruits of Strychnos nux vomica reminded us that Strychnine from  it was the favorite weapon of choice of Agatha Christie’s numerous murders in her novels……….in Colaba Woods, we walked through the groves of Amaltas, Tabebuia…………then we opened another chapter in our Walk……Healing Plants (medicinal plants) of Maharashtra Nature Park ……...followed by the discovery of large number of Palms in Heritage Garden in Hiranadani……….Comes monsoon and we saw the magic transformation of forest floor of SGNP with ephemerals…………we covered herbs, shrubs, climber, trees…&insects of Silonda, Malad, Stream & Gupha trails.

We come to the edge..…… to the Mangrove of Mumbai…….some time called the ‘bioshields’……..the botanical amphibians…..the palisade…….the master survival on salty ground……..yes friends we take a Walk through the mangroves of Bhandup Pumping station on Eastern Express Highway on 25th May at 7.00 am…..we request you all to join us for our 50th Walk…….

Venue: Bhandup Pumping Station

Time: 7.00 a.m. to 9.30 a.m.

Meeting Point: Bhandup Pumping Station BEST stop on the EE highway.

How to reach: Bhandup pumping station is located very close to the Mulund / Airoli bridge junction. Those traveling via Powai from the western side take the flyover to the EE Highway and turn left towards Mulund. At the Airoli Junction signal, take a U turn, under the flyover and stop at the BEST Stop on the EE highway. Those driving from the central side (VT side), drive right upto Airoli Signal Junction and take a U turn at the signal. You can also take a bus from Kanjur to Airoli Junction or from Mulund to Bhandup Pumping Station bus stop.


Please carry plenty of water, wear cap, apply sun screen, shoes must..……its very hot & humid.

We will be sending later the list of the plants which we will be showing during our Walk.

Hope to see you all,


TAW Team

Congrat, TAW team for this 50th walk.
It's simply great.
Kudos for your efforts, ... & others.
'..carry plenty of water, wear cap, apply sun screen, shoes must..its very hot & humid...'
The place is also home to some 'king-size' mosquito's which can make life miserable
(less active after early morning), especially when you are stationary.
My solution is to wear long sleeved shirt (you can roll up the sleeves later) and trousers and a face mask also helps.
You will find A. marina flowering and fruiting. It is said that the fruit can germinate while still on the plant - have never seen the phenomena personally - but do look for it.
Thanks ... for this TAW announcement. In fact i had never participated earlier in TAW walks. Would like to join this this time..

50th Tree Appreciation Walk on Mangrove at Bhandup Pumping Station on 25th May,14 at 7 am : 2 posts by 2 authors.

More we go nearer to them (Mangroves) more we wonder how do they survive under such hostile conditions......and still creating a beautiful ecosystem around them.......

One of our good friend Joanita has written her observation about Mangrove, in her report when we all were doing a BNHS's botany course under the guidance of Dr Swapna Prabhu......which I am sharing with you all......

‘The mangroves are fascinating because they reflect your own place in the world…….. Teaching evolution and adaptation.

One can imagine the mangrove to be a person, who takes what life gives him and works around it to stay alive.’

With this I am enclosing the list of the trees which we will be showing you on 25th May,14

Hope to see you all,


TAW Team

List of the Plants & Mangrove species of Bhandup Pumping Station for 25th May,14’ TAW


Common Name

Scientific Name



Mangrove Apple

Sonneratia apetala



Milky Mangrove

Excoecaria agallocha



Mangrove Beanstalk

Derris triafoliate



Shore Purselane

Sesuvium portulacastrum



Orange Mangrove

Bruguiera sp.



Sea Holly

Acanthus ilicifolius




Salvadora persica




Avicennia marina



Bhindi tree

Thespesia populnea




Crataeva religiosa




Lannea corommandalica



Green Milkweed Climber

Wattakaka volubilis




Azadirachta indica


Since you are planning to visit the Bhandup Mangroves, you may expect few more that have not been included in your list:
1. The Bruguiera species in Bhandup mangroves is Bruguiera cylindrica.
2. River mangrove i.e Aegiceras corniculatum is quite common in Bhandup mangrove.
3. Aeluropus lagopoides Poaceae is the grass species that is abundantly found in Mangroves.
4. Delve a little deeper, you may find another species of Sonneratia i.e. S.alba which is found deeper in Bhandup and Vikhroli (Godrej) mangroves.
5. There is another species: Avicennia officinalis that is common as well in this area. This can be differentiated from A. marina based on shape of leaves.
Mangroves are indeed amazing ! Have a nice time.