વનસ્પતીઓ ના ગુજરાતી તથા બોટનીકલ નામ ની યાદી.(વૈધ કે.જે.ઝાલા

Fwd: Emailing વનસ્પતીઓ ના ગુજરાતી તથા બોટનીકલ નામ ની યાદી.(વૈધ કે.જે.ઝાલા).pdf : 11 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1)- 534 kb- વનસ્પતીઓ ના ગુજરાતી તથા બોટનીકલ નામ ની યાદી.(વૈધ કે.જે.ઝાલા).pdf
Thanks a lot, Kiratsinh ji, for compiling so many names of plants in Gujarati.
It is really a wonderful resource.

It would help if the data were provided in an excel file. Data cannot be extracted from a PDF. Could you please post an excel file. It would be of immense use to all of us
... has provided alphabetic list in both languages. in Gujarati starting with gujarati script aa onwards and in botanical names list , starting with A onwards in english script. so very easy to look up.
when someone makes a pdf...it implies that they do not want any body else tempering with their file. so asking for excel is a no no.
to those that wish to have an ex-tractable file are free to print the pdf out and make their own excel by typing it all. no body can stop you
once the pdf is out in the public. as it is here but asking someone to sit down and type all those things all over again in an excel is beyond  anything. so let us all do our own excel making. here to hope that we are all willing to do our part. and not infringe on.
As a data scientist who has worked with the Government of India, I respect the sanctity of data and the owner's IPR. My request was to enable us to enrich the Indian names of flora in a variety of India languages. 
great. as a data scientist you must have resources like: time, underlings, students, grad students, typists etc. may be your office will give us a creative commons type of excel sheet of Indian herbs etc. looking forward to it
The only way is to use a Gujarati OCR to convert the database to a readable version. Unfortunately ... has used native fonts [CID font] and not Unicode fonts. This would mean converting to image format and then OCRing the data. Tried with Google docs, the results were not encouraging, since the frames are not maintained. Someone would really have to enter the data by hand.
Let's see what i can do.
or simply typing it de novo in your own excel. Microsoft has many fonts
yes. That is the only answer.

PDF of Gujarati plant names ocr'd : 17 posts by 6 authors.
Attachments (2)- plants.xlsx and Plant names OCRd.docx
Am attaching the OCR'd version of Plant Names in Gujarat provided by Vaidyaji. Since, unfortunately the database in Gujarati was in native fonts OCRing was not possible. I will still try to see what can be done. In the interim, PFA two types of files XLS and Word. The first has Gj->EN and second is reverse EN-GJ. 666 plant names in all. Since these are botanical names, at times OCR stumbles on it, although I have used the world's best OCR: ABBY to do the job. Please excuse the mistakes.
I hope someone has the patience and time to type in the Gujarati equivalent and thereby enrich the database of Indian names of plants of India. I hope this first stage will prove useful.
I am trying to extract from Molesworth and Major Candy's dictionaries  plant names in Marathi, since this has a very rich repertory of such names.
You are welcome. I am trying to run a Gujarati OCR on Linux, but the results are pretty depressing. Hand crafted data is best.
Please check the number of names in the PDF. I see 1332 names (there are 2 columns of 666 names each).
Thanks a lot. The two files together constitute 1332 names. One is EN-GJ other is GJ-EN
Here attached is the PDF that I am referencing.
Also attached is a partial screenshot that shows 1332 names arranged in 2 columns of Gujarati (native script) to English (Botanical) names ... followed by 1332 names of English (Botanical) names to Gujarati (native script).
Attachments (2)

Pl. check the excel file. It is in 2 columns 1332 names in all
Same for word file. 1332 names. 
The OCR'd data is a spitting copy of the PDF. Only Gujarati is "garbage."
Thanks dear ...,
I discussed this because I read in your mail at 10;21 AM today ... "The first has Gj->EN and second is reverse EN-GJ. 666 plant names in all"
Now I read in your mail of 12:15 PM, the number is revised ... "Pl. check the excel file. It is in 2 columns 1332 names in all"
All is okay now.
My goof-up: forgot to add "per column". 
Thanks for pointing out. We need to enter only one set. The other set will take care of itself.
so somebody please explain to me. how does this OCR ed file help any one?
if only the english script shows up with correct spelling.
I can easily use Vaidya ji"s original PDF.
why would any one need this particular OCR ed file?
What is the purpose of this exercise and an entire thread?
explain it to me please?
Your call. helps in not entering the English data. 
So its work in progress. have you saved it and sent it in as a editable file? can any body edit it?
which gujarati font are you going to use ??? tell us.
may be we can make it a community project. we can type in the gujarati script names. when time allows

Yes, this is an editable format. All one has to do is to enter the data in Gujarati. If you are using Windows, you can choose a Gujarati font [unicode] and enter the data.  Arial Unicode MS is an option.
Good idea to make it a community project and may be Vaidyaji can monitor the work and correct any typos made.
You have need for see gujarati font download Tera font chandan in your computer from Google then you will read all gujarati font

Fwd: Barda dungar ni jadibuti : 2 posts by 2 authors.
📕 બરડા ડુંગર ની જડીબુટ્ટી (વૈદ્ય શ્રી કે.જે.ઝાલા)
83.53 MB, pdf
गुजराती में यह बुक पब्लिश है जय क्रूषण इंद्रजी द्वारा लिखित इसमें ६११ वनस्पतियों का सांगोपांग विवरण दिया गया है मेने एक छोटा सा प्रयास किया है उसमें दी गई सभी वनस्पतियों का सचित्र फोटो पीडीएफ तैयार की हे और दुसरी बापालाल वैध द्वारा लिखित निघंटु आदर्श

Thanks very much ... for forwarding this document. It is useful for me.
Thank you very much ..., for providing this document. I am glad to find names in native script, and also pictures of your region's flora. Great efforts and contribution. 

I just joined the group. Hope you all are doing well. I needed some help knowing a few ingredient's botanical names, as mentioned below. 
1. કાંટાળું માયું 
2. વીરણ વાળો 
3. સારિયો
4. ધોળીન્ધરો
5. નેતરમુળ 
6. ધ્રોખંડ 
7. સરસળો
Please help me out with the same. Will be very grateful to you all.
Send names in English 
Pl. see details in another thread, as pointed out by …
1 Quercus infectoria
2 Andropogon muricatus
3 sariyo ???
4 सफेद दुर्वा
5 Calamus rotang
6 Cynodon dactylon
7 Albizia lebbeck
Thank you so much for your interpretation friends, I will be forever grateful to you and your knowledge. It has helped me a lot. Three remaining names, listing them below:
1. Sariyo (can't find anything about this! Neither in the local market)
2. Dhodindhro (Tried connecting and researching Dhodindhro to Safed Durva but count find a link anywhere)
3. Sarasado (Siris/Saras is Alzibia Lebbeck, I believe Sarasado is something else)
Had one another question. Is anyone here into Natural Skincare Industry? Needed help with some certifications and how to apply for the same. 
Hope you're all having an amazing day. 

यह बुक गुजराती में आर्य भिषक और मराठी में वनौषधि गुणादरश नाम से प्रसिद्ध है उसका पेज लेखक शंकरदाजी पदे  
Attachments (1)- 1 mb.
शरयो शब्द लीखने में कहीं गलती लग रही है
सरीयो कदाचित, सारीवा अनंतमुल उपलसरी